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storall's backend bakery

Started by storall, July 30, 2020, 10:55:52 PM

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My backend bakery is a spot where I mention my own stuff that I'm working on, but don't feel comfortable doing a full release. Maybe something is off, alpha quality, could be bugged. Or some other nagging thing bothering me about what I make.

But don't expect any tech support. So what do I want to talk about? Today it's two things.



I like asar a lot but don't know why. Maybe it's lightweight and simple enough to play around with game hacks (for non-pros). But it only supports the snes.

So I hacked in some basic assembler support for nes, gameboy, pc-engine. I've thought about adding SMS/GG support also in future. It works kinda similar to xkas-plus by devinacker

I did some testing and use it myself but I expect there to be lots of strange bugs. Honestly don't expect or ask the upstream RPGHacker to include it. The code would make any proud parent of their work so sad to include something like the mungy hacks I put in.

But! If you are serious about trying it on Windows; Linux will have to hand-compile using appveyor or something.

If you try to compile say, ShadowOne333's Zelda 1 Redux code

you'll be disappointed. While it can handle ';' and '//' comments, the other xkas stuff have to be asar converted. Forgot what I changed but got a 1:1 ips copy.

asar --no-title-check cv2_fixes.txt "Castlevania II - Simon's Quest (USA).nes"

Which brings to #2.



You should play Bisqwit's version

The man is a super genius who is -still- updating the game engine today.

It lacks some stuff I wanted in my own build. One is some basic game fixes
(because mainly I'm afraid of falling through floors by binarck; ips is provided)

And the annoyances fixes by tkempkes is pretty cool. But I wanted to go a bit further with the nuisance blocks.

Instead of removing the false floors, I shaded it differently. Obvious enough what they are but keeping with the scenery. And the breakable blocks I wanted to give a hint where they are but not make them stand out.

So what am I complaining about?? I'm still wondering if the pixels can be drawn differently or recolored. Are the breakables too obvious?? Zelda 1 Redux did a nice job improving with the subtle hints; mine I don't feel satisfied with. If someone else has a working solution, go ahead and draw! Upload it to RHDN!

I probably missed replacing some blocks somewhere in the world so you've been told now.

And I'm definitely partly halfway interested in testing other CV2 hacks compatibility with Bisqwit 2.11.1-ntsc. If they're broken, maybe I'll give a shoutout or code update right here. Or provide my own tweaked inspiration.


Okay! Took enough of your time.


I've got a bug report for the asar mod. This script looks rather harmless

except it bugs out with the incbin but only for gb.cpu mode (nes.cpu actually works correctly). Something about invalid number reported.

Was wondering if you know of a better way to fix this problem. I really like your asar hack btw, I've used it several times over for my own stuff. Having a full Z80 SMS/PCE mode would be great also.