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Author Topic: Documents: Finally Some Clarity! - Super Mario Bros. Two Player Hack Editing  (Read 1625 times)


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Update By: Supergamerguy

After several weeks of painstaking trips wading through lines of code and forum posts trying to figure out how to edit the refactored code of the SMB1 Co-Op hack, Supergamerguy finally pieced together a general idea of how to make some changes to its code. He was able to figure a few things about palettes and how they relate to characters and enemies and particular, but the majority of his findings pertain to the Title Screen. Sadly, he was not able to get info on the top-right hand portion of the "Title Box", but he was able to map out the locations of everything else. Supergamerguy hopes this benefits any hackers wishing to make their own changes to the game and eases the stress of everything else!

RHDN Project Page

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