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Can the BBHack code be liberate?

Started by Noan1999, August 29, 2020, 11:14:09 PM

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BBHack was an editor for the game EarthBound Zero, created by user uyuyuy99 on the forum.

Its first and only version, could only modify the maps of the game and edit the composition of the 16 × 16 tiles from which the map pieces are made, including their palettes, sub-palettes. Tiles, etc.

The creator of the program wanted to add more things to the editor. Among those things were:

-16×16 Tile Editor
-8×8 Graphics Editor
-Sprite Editor
-Sprite/NPC Placement Editor (part of the map editor)
-Item Editor
-Enemy Editor
-Enemy Groups Editor
-Title Screen Editor
-Giegue's Ship Editor
-Town Map Editor
-8 Melodies Trippy BG Editor
-Text Editor
-Script Editor (sorta like CCScript)
-Palette Editor
-Starting/Levelup Stats Editor
-Ending Graphics Editor
-Train/Plane Movement Editors

According to his post in said forum:

Unfortunately the user did not continue with the editor. It is currently inactive in the forum.

It occurred to me to find out if the source code of a java program could be obtained.

Fortunately, I get a program called Java Decompiler. Allows to see the source code of programs written in java.

After that, I realized that if the editor code could be liberated.
I proposed this idea to the users of the forum, in this post I made:
For now, no one has been interested.

If we get the code, we can continue with this abandoned project.
We would like to see another new version of this editor. It would also make the job easier for many users like me.

If anyone is willing to continue with the project; In this post you can get the links to download BBHack 1.0 and Java Decompiler.

How to view the source code?:

-First download the BBHack.jar, then you need to extract the files from the .jar with Winrar.
-Once the files are already extracted, with the Java Decompiler open one of the program's .CLASS files.
-This way you can see the source code.

Person who is interested in continuing with the project, can answer this post or send me a PM.

Thank you for your attention!

Download Links:

-BBHack 1.0:
-Java Decompiler: