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Author Topic: ROM hacking capture the flag/sport hacking a specified ROM as a community effort  (Read 828 times)


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General idea would be a ROM is picked (randomly, contest, list of top games... such things can be variable and decided later) and then we have say a race to get certain milestones, or just do it for fun. Tables, stats lists, level location, basic level format, binary (where applicable -- you can find a GBA one in 5 seconds and the DS has it in the header). Real rather than cooked up equivalent of a "hackme" would be my preference but... yeah.

Could be a for the prestige, for fun, if the site wanted to kick a year of premium then could do that as a minor thing.

If one wanted to take some footage of it then it could also satisfy (at least until it becomes apparent how tedious it will be to sit through) those that think video learning is the way forward for ROM hacking -- so many things it is, or at least is very very useful, can't even get close for ROM hacking. More generally some screenshots and explanation along the way might be a nice thing as a secondary goal.



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Could be useful as a learning exercise, or something with which to make tutorials on certain tasks. If you set up streams for it you could bring in users and make get some donations for the site.

Lowering the bar for entry can only help the community.

I had to teach a guy how to use wildcards and the count function in XVI32 to find tables in a few minutes that were taking him days. Granted he was trying to go zero to sixty with no knowledge of anything except cheat engine.


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So something like "Hack the Box"? Not a bad idea honestly. It would be a good way to document how certain systems work for newcomers and for people to learn how systems that are outside of their comfort zone work.