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A little Final Fantasy NES help, please?

Started by Googie, July 22, 2020, 02:50:52 PM

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I'm sure a lot of you old school ROM Hackers remember Final Fantasy Heroes, it was a hack done by Elric from EDS (Earth Drake Sanctuary) He was working on this hack but never released what he did because according to him, ROM Hacking is dead. I liked his idea and decided to make my own version of the hack, I don't remember who were going to be the bosses though. Here's his old screenshots...

I like holding on to old hack pics. :D Here's my version of the hack, I used a FF hack as a base, forgot the name.

The hero sprites were done courtesy of Zynk Oxhyde. ;)

I'd like to know where's the palette offsets of the text box, to make it red instead of blue, The offsets to make the text box appear fast like in Dragoon X Omega II and the offsets to disable the world map, if I remember right about the world map thing.

If you fellas can please gimme a hand, or if you have the notes on you to pass to me, I'd really appreciate it, thanks. I'm already drawing the layouts on paper. :happy:

I forgot to mention that in my hack when you push down the B button, you run fast. ;)


Best way to find those would be to download Disch's disassembly from the site!

I dug into these 3 things and found:

;;  Show Dialogue Box [$D602 :: 0x3D612] -- A few bytes into this, there's a $02 that controls how fast the dialogue box opens.

;;  DialogueBox_Frame  [$D6A1 :: 0x3D6B1] -- ABOVE this, there's a $03 that controls how fast the dialogue box closes.

;;  Load Border Palette  [$EB29 :: 0x3EB39] -- Change that $01 to $06 for red text boxes and menus. And looks like there's a $00 that would be $16 going by that fourth screenshot. That will also make the battle borders red-tinted.

I don't know about disabling the overworld map... do you mean the minimap, pressing B+Select? If so...

;;  Do Overworld Transitions  [$C140 :: 0x3C150]

It's a bit in there somewhere.

        LDA #BANK_MINIMAP -- $09
        JSR SwapPRG_L     -- $FE $06 or $06 $FE

All you'd have to do, I THINK, is change that LDA to an RTS to just skip it altogether?
I know exactly what I'm doing. I just don't know what effect it's going to have.

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Thanks Jiggers, I really appreciate this. :thumbsup:

I'm gonna get started with this after I run some errands. :laugh: