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Author Topic: Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls Rewritten (title temporary)  (Read 497 times)


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Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls Rewritten (title temporary)
« on: July 15, 2020, 09:31:03 am »
Anybody who has played the NES version of FF1 and the GBA version should know that the GBA version was almost insultingly easier. Levels coming too easy. Bosses incapable of putting up a challenging fight because they take too much damage from the new spell formulas. New equipment that makes an easy game a cake walk. The only real challenge was if you did the bonus dungeons. Even Chaos with the normal game equipment and magic was just an exercise in healing.

Then there's the Mod of Balance. In some ways it's radically different. In others it goes too far to make things difficult without being fun (sorry Ludmeister, but keeping all status changes post-battle is not fun). But it was a really well made attempt to undo the damage that Square did and gave the community a lot of info on how to make changes to the game. The work that Ludmeister put into FF1 DoS led to several documents and the FF1 Editor.

But for 15 years, I've wanted to make my own mark on the game. That's why when I discovered that exline released FF1 Editor, I decided to make my own hack. The randomizer HMS Jayne made some incredible changes on it own. Using resources from everything above though, I've finally got the tools I've wanted for years.

So here I am.

Final Fantasy 1 Rewritten (tentative title).

Magic reorganized.

Weapons/Armor rebalanced.

More enemies drop stuff or drop stuff more often.

First two boss fights changed.

EXP Table redone to make it more difficult to be over levelled.

Among dozens of other changes I've made already, and hundreds more planned. The problem I have though is I want this to be harder, not a challenge hack. We've seen enough challenge hacks that just make things a grind and don't add to the fun. I don't want that with this. I want to bring the stuff from the bonus dungeons and put it into the main game (enemies, weapons and armor). I want to undo changes that made things too easy without going too far in the other direction.

Newest version (version .802) available here!

Please leave feedback on whether things are too easy, too hard, too broken, useless, etc. But remember, this isn't going to be a challenge hack, just a boost to difficulty to bring it closer to the NES version. So no giving Flare to Garland.

Please don't ignore equipment just because you've always skipped it before. There's a lot of changes to things, some you won't notice immediately.

Family weapons now have more enemies they are effective against because the enemy families have been spread out more. Were family is now Beast family. Giant family is now Humanoid family. And so on. So don't underestimate what the weapons will work on.

Known bug: Orichalcum and Muramasa are currently using the wrong animations. Will solve when my programmer can fix the issue. Until then use your imagination. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'm sure Chaos won't notice.

Warning: Do not go into Temple of Fiends Revisited unprepared. Things have changed slightly.
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Re: Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls Rewritten (title temporary)
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2020, 10:37:53 pm »
Hello. I have been a LONG time lurker and never created an account. But your drive to make this game even better has driven me to create an account here and I want to say thank you and please keep up the good work! I look forward to playing FF again and hope it will be more enjoyable once you have completed all of your adjustments to the game.