Anyway to get Mega man New year's hack working on everdrive?

Started by Arcade-Elite, July 12, 2020, 11:12:28 PM

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Was wondering if its possible to get the mega man new years hacks on the the everdrive. To run on nes or snes? I know it uses emulators was just hoping to play on real system.


1. download rom
2. download hack
3. unzip hack
4. patch rom with hack
5. put patched romhack on SD card
6. put SD card into everdrive
7. put everdrive into NES
8. turn on NES
9. select and load rom
10. play.


No its not a simple patch hack, the hack used all 6 maga man games in a custom patcher, i would like to get a full rom of all the games patched to run the game on a everdrive, i am sure it would be a huge rom size or something.


Some hacks only work on emulators, cause of hardware limitations such as the size of the ROM.


Everdrive is an emulator, there is no rom size restrictions.


Did you actually try to run it in everdrive?

List of supported mappers

If nothing works out of the box, then hack to a different mapper, wait until the mapper support or just play it on a normal emulator.


Quote from: Arcade-Elite on September 15, 2020, 11:18:27 PM
there is no rom size restrictions.
Maybe I'm mistaken but this is the features for the nes everdrive:

Here are the latest supported mappers:


I am sorry i wasn't pacific. So i tested Rockman NY 2014,2015,2019 and they all work but 2018 and 2020 need a custom patcher? do you guys know where i can download this patcher or could you just post 2018 and 2020 already patched? My N8 is playing the rest. The hole point of this is to get rid of any button lag as i would be playing on real hardware.

kuja killer

you didnt ever download the original zip files from puresabe's website, is what it sounds like your saying. He had an english readme for them about it.

These were 2 ridiculously insane new years hacks where you needed a copy of all 6 NES rockman's. and then running his custom patcher program takes coding and graphics from all 6 ROM's and makes it into 1 single NES rom.

I sent you a PM with the 2 NES rom files pre-patched so you dont have to go through that complicated process.


yes thank you so much again, i could not figure the patching out. Your the best Kuja Killer.