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Error patch Final Fantasy 5 RPGe translation

Started by Antonio Nero, July 14, 2022, 08:05:04 AM

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Antonio Nero

I think this is a minor error, but when I patch the Final Fantasy 5 RPGe's translation online, the CRC32 is red and when I remove the header, it is green.

Actually when patched in green, the ROM doesn't work, but works when patched in red. I've tested the ROM with Mednafen.

Patch page:


QuotePatching Information   Header (SNES)
Are you removing the header before or after patching?
Bad CRCs are normal for translation patches or ROM hacks. Very few bother to fix them since neither emulation nor console really cares if it's correct.
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Antonio Nero

I've used the option to patch online and removed the header as a choice. That caused the ROM doesn't be read by Mednafen. I've done that because it gave me a green CRC, then I've patched it again but without removing the header (red CRC) and it worked.