Castlevania dawn of sorrow definitive edition

Started by Reqs, July 17, 2022, 11:56:18 PM

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I started playing it (version 2.3) a while ago with twilightmenu++ on my modded 3ds and so far I encountered some serious problems: the game freezes constantly if I press B at the title screen or if the animated cutscene plays and it freezes randomly if I switch rooms. This last freeze happened in the room after the flying armor fight (where you find the claymore) and while I was farming skeleton souls in the room before the one with the big mirror and the line of zombies. Additionally, it freezed/crashed while I was at a save point trying to jump cancel with a spear. Have any of you had my same issues? If not, do you have any idea on why that happens? I would really like to play this hack so please let me know


TWiLight Menu compatibility is not yet 100%. If you want to play it on your 3DS, you might have to use a flashcart.

Otherwise, you can try enabling TWL clock speed and see if that makes a difference.
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