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NBA Jam 2K22 TE

Started by eskayelle, June 22, 2021, 09:45:21 PM

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Honestly your continued work on NBA Jam is nothing short of amazing. Thank you. :beer:

On the subject of background music, which was removed to free up processing power, could the code that would have originally been used to select a background track still be present? Cause if they simply changed the track to null, perhaps background music could be enabled and processed through MSU1. That'd be an interesting workaround. But, entirely dependent on what's left in the code.

With that said, would it be possible to rip the offensive commentary takes from NBA Jam's beta and insert it in TE?


Great release!  :beer: So awesome to play this classic with updated rosters, so thanks for that. Will you be updating rosters after the trade deadline? If so, on the Orlando Magic please replace Gary Harris with shot blocker Mo Bamba (or if Bamba is traded then Wendell Carter Jr). Or better yet if you're adding rookies, please replace Harris with Franz Wagner who is looking like a legit all around player... would love to play with him more than any of the aforementioned players. Magic are rebuilding, so it's all about the young players now. If no further updates are planned it's all good, but I hope to see another release next season! :thumbsup:


Thanks orlandojumpoff!  Admittedly, I've done as much as I can with NBA Jam TE at this point, got all the features on my wish list (huge thanks to Mattrizzle and phonymike!), and the download counts on '22 TE were frankly too lackluster for me to continue with annual releases if I'm not heavily playing them myself.  I may reconsider after a few seasons, but for now I'm taking a bit of a hiatus.  Wanna get back to playing some games in my spare time and messing with Raspberry Pis rather than hacking, testing, and repeating.
I once wrote a blog.  Maybe you'll find something in it useful?


Sad to hear, but understandable! Thanks for all the work and hope to see you eventually make another down the line.


What console(s) does this hack cover?


This hack is for the Super NES.


Hi! After this season's NBA playoffs I came here to write a review for this fantastic NBA JAM TE hack.

I read in this forum topics that there are no plans for new updates or new seasons by now.

I will copy my review and suggestions just in case you change your mind. I'm sure lots of basketball, NBA JAM and SNES fans would be very interested in new updates or a new release.

"NBA Jam Tournament Edition is a great and extremely fun arcade basketball game which gets a lot better on the SNES with this impressive hack. Celebrate the 75th NBA Anniversary Season with its current roster and NBA legends, new sound clips and lots of small and big touches and improvements that make the game more interesting and fun to play today.

Some small suggestions:

- An optional patch for having All NBA teams, All Stars and Legends already unlocked without beating the game or introducing the cheat code provided just for quick fun matches in 2P games.
- A banner with the 75th NBA Anniversary logo instead of the covid one. Or simply a more positive one :)

It'd be also great having a little upgrade on the order of matches and stats of players based on their season performance now that the playoffs are over or, even better, a new edition for the next season 22-23.

Patch the game and enjoy this impressive hack to play NBA JAM TE on the SNES like never before. Highly recommended!! Thanks for this impressive hack!!"

Impressive and highly recommended NBA JAM TE hack!!
Thanks a lot to eskayelle and all the people involved in creating this awesome hack!!