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Rockman 6 Unique Harassment 1.1

Started by morningstars10, June 06, 2020, 07:52:52 PM

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It has apparently been updated, but I cannot find a link, does anyone have one

kuja killer

The author, tatsu -- uploaded 1.1 to this place originally:

edit: accidently copied wrong link, it's this


And why not update the hack here, instead of looking for updates in other sites and other mirrors?  :huh:


Is it their job to go around updating links? Anyone can do it, you could've too (and why didn't you do it?), why should this be on "one person" to keep things updated.


Well, it's not like that link matters in the first place, because last time I checked, ".fm2" is a movie file for FCEUX, not a valid patch format.

kuja killer

crap im so sorry...i copy-pasted from the wrong 5ch post... my apoligies. :(

edit again:
okay apparently it's already uploaded to's page here already. Zynk already did it. that's good.



Version 1.0 turned out for hardcore players who like to experience nerves, less attractive to ordinary players. And version 1.1 is Simplified, more passable. But, you know, there is not enough counter "spent lives, continue and E-tanks" after passing the hack. Then it will be perfect. :thumbsup: But, as one person said, it can be put between Rockman 4 Minus Infinity and Rockman (2) CX  :angel: