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Author Topic: How to change end credit text in SMB2 for NES  (Read 1736 times)


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How to change end credit text in SMB2 for NES
« on: June 06, 2020, 06:46:28 pm »
So I've seen an improvement on SMB2 with the name changes. I know how to do it on the "contributor" area, but how do I do such a thing for the ending with the cast? What program do I use? If I already have it, how do I do it?


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Re: How to change end credit text in SMB2 for NES
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2020, 01:35:49 am »
If you can't find a editor that support it you will need to do the changes in a hex editor.

I did find a tbl file here.
Just copy the content in a txt file and name it. WhatEver.tbl

This file can be loaded with a memory tool. In the debugger on a Mesen for example. Open the memory tool and load the file. You can also use FCEUX for this task. May be winhex if you just like to search for the text in the ROM.
The benefit of using Mesen is you can test the patch as you create it and in the debugger window you can export the changes as IPS.

If the tbl does not match you need to look how the tiles are arranged in the PPU. May be create a different tbl when the format does allow for it.
If you are lucky the tile map follows a simple format that is easy to recognize in the ROM. Sometimes tile-maps are stored in a compressed format.
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