Translations: Crash n the Boys: Ice Challenge Arrives at Last

Started by RHDNBot, May 31, 2020, 02:39:13 AM

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Update By: El Duderino

It was teased in Crash 'n' the Boys: Street Challenge back in 1992. The game decades in the making arrives on the NES with Crash 'n' the Boys: Ice Challenge.

The long awaited sequel arrives. Take to the ice and destroy your opponents, however you see fit.

This is a localization of the title screen for Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey-bu. While the game has been translated previously, and even now officially released, the title is excruciating. The point of this translation is to make a title screen for the game that would have come out back in 1993 if Street Challenge had a warm reception.


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Never enough of new Famicom translations  :) Thanks and congrats to the team involved on this one :thumbsup:


I'm liking these new title screens for the Kunio games.  Fighting Challenge actually looks better than the original IMHO.

El Duderino

Thanks. Hard at work on the other Nekketsu titles, hoping to create a consistently titled series with these.


I would be hesitant to say "official released".

There is a rumor that someone has a prototype of the ACTUAL unreleased localization (but not willing to share the ROM), and that could make it confusing if it ever did show up.
(never mind whatever it was rebranded in the Double Dragon and Nekketsu collection that relocalized the entire Kunio Famicom library)
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Improvised cover

on hyperspin I will upload the full version in a couple of weeks while I finish the other covers of the crash saga