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Author Topic: Super Mario All Stars: Mario can't jump as high (SMB1 and maybe LL too)  (Read 877 times)


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Hello everyone.

Everyone knows that SMB1 and SMB:LL's physics in the All Stars remake was changed for some reason causing the games to act differently than the originals. I've recently come across the Brick rom hack for SMBAS and SMBAS+W patches that are supposed to fix the physics and decided to try it out. But either I have applied it incorrectly or it does not address the problem I've had with SMBAS all these years.

The problem I've always had with SMBAS is Mario doesn't jump as high. The main example I can give to illustrate is on level 4-1. In this level you eventually come across full size vertical pipes that have piranha plants coming out of them just as you approach. In the original I could run full speed and simply jump the pipes, even with the piranha plants coming out. Your sprite might go through the piranha plant a little, but you can clear it safely without being hit. In SMBAS this jump is impossible. No matter how well timed my jump is I hit the piranha plant in SMBAS every time.

I did some research on the physics affected, and it seems the problem others have been talking about has to do with bouncing back when hitting bricks, but nothing to do with jump height or hit boxes. This has led me to believe the Brick patch is not supposed to fix this jump difference, and I'm wondering if there is one or if anybody has created a separate patch or has even noticed my jump height (or hit box) issue.

Thank you in advance :-)