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Author Topic: I want to change the color palette mapping but i don't know how, please help  (Read 586 times)


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Hello, i'm an amateur in rom hacking and i really want to know how i could change the color palette mapping, as in can i switch the palette a sprite is using to a different one
or even add a palette, i use fceux to change palettes
thank you!

note: when i say switching pallets or adding one i mean making a new palette in the game or switching to a different 4/3 color palette.
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There are 4 palettes for sprites, each palette has 3 colors + 1 transparent. You can't add 5th palette, you can only change those 12 colors. And you also can choose which one of these 4 palettes a sprite will be using.

Sprites memory is located in ram, it's a 256 bytes area, usually at $0200—$02FF. Each sprite reserves 4 addresses for its data, palette number is stored in a 3rd one by using bit0 and bit1. More info here

So you need to find where your wanted sprite's data is currently located in this memory. You can freeze bytes and/or overwrite them manually with a slow emulation speed to notice changes on the screen.

Now comes the hard part. Set a write breakpoint to the 3rd address and trace where this byte is taken from. This requires basic nes assembly knowledge and debugging experience. Change this byte to another when you find it. - NES ROM hacking tutorials for beginners. Please use Google Translate browser extension