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Pokemon Grape

Started by 80C, June 22, 2014, 12:28:34 AM

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You can do this with two different trainers. I believe it is any trainer who has Slowpoke as their first Pokemon. Something about Mew and Slowpoke having the same or similar hexadecimal codes. I'm not sure what the details are anymore lol.

You can use this trick on any Pokémon to obtain different Pokémon. It is the last Pokémon's special stat that is important. That Slowpoke just happens to have the Mew-related special stat.


Hi 80C,

Was wondering if this hack could be reuploaded to the site? I'm also curious about the YouTube trailer; found it to be a lot of fun and was wondering if that trailer could be made public again. All the best.


The reason why this hack is no longer available on the site is because the site received several takedown notices for various Pokemon hacks. No chance of it being reuploaded.