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Author Topic: Super Mario All Stars Level Editor and SMB2 SMAS Property Modifier?  (Read 557 times)


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If anyone knows where I can find a Super Mario All Stars Level Editor and a SMB2 Character Property Modifier, can you please let me know? I know there's one that exists for the NES, but...


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Are you looking for an editor for SMB2 in SMAS, then? It makes no sense to ask for a Super Mario All-Stars level editor as each of the games is distinct.

Apparently the SMB2 Transmogrificator almost had SMAS support, but it didn't quite get that far. According to , the level data is exactly the same, so you could conceivably make a map in SMB2 NES and copy it manually into the SMAS ROM.  Other code changes can probably be made the same way.
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