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Jungle Wars (GB) - English Translation - v0.2.0

Started by Grungi, April 29, 2020, 08:39:46 AM

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Congratulations on your progress, Grungy!

I am watching this thread very closely. You are a star for making your tools open source :) I can't wait to play a final / release candidate version. WELL DONE, my friend!


Thank you :thumbsup:

And glad you enjoy the open-sourcing of the code! Just do not look too closely at how crudely it is cobbled together :p


Haha! I love that, but - honestly - keep doing what you're doing :) It is a great gift to this community :)


Hello! I've tested this preliminary version and it looks great! I've yearned to see this game in English for around 30 years now.

I'd like to let everybody know that I'm actually helping Grungi with the translation of this game's texts and dialogs. I didn't want to say anything until I had a fair amount of it already translated and I was sure I was up to the task. Despite my limited knowledge of Japanese (a little below N4, more or less), using the DeepL translator and a Japanese text editor in which I "kanjified" the texts for DeepL to parse them better, Grungi and I have managed to grasp the general meaning of most of the dialogs and translate them. I'm not a native English speaker, but in that regard Grungi (apart from doing all the hacking work, which that alone isn't a menial task) is also helping correct any awkward phrasing I might do from time to time.

From what I've played so far, I've seen one word spelled as "daugther" in the dialog that a npc in the first town says. Also, when talking to the fortune teller, after the first sentence the game tends to hang or crash, I suppose some memory overflow or unhandled exception must occur. Some garbled text have also appeared when I tried to use the pants (not equip, just use them to see which text was shown).

But the result's looking really good! I'm finishing some dialogs from the end of the game, but I think the majority of the city related text has yet to be translated. There's also some pivotal points' dialogs that we'll have in a draft state and will have to review as they contain relevant info of important events in the game. I'm committed to complete this translation, as I've wanted to see this and its sequel games in English for decades. Who could have guessed that I'd take part on it?  ;D ;D

Thanks a lot to Grungi for starting this project and giving me the opportunity to collaborate.


@aqualung : I am the one that should thank you, as the work you are doing helps tremendously!!

So, yeah, here are some exciting (at least for me :D) tidbits since last update :

  • Progress towards 0.2.0 is going strong. If you are familiar with the game, the plan is to release it once the patch covers up to where Sasuke (the monkey character) joins the party. A bunch more translation has been inserted, and I could already see that the automatic pointer detection script I used auto-inserted a whole bunch of the script correctly, which will speed up the overall process.
  • As we are still working on early parts of the game, a lot of the work is still quite foundational. Things like combat messages make up a bunch of the work, since the script itself is quite straightforward to include. As always, the combat interface being pretty limited in terms of space makes it harder to fit all the nuances in the attack descriptions and things like that. Also, as I have not reverse-engineered the whole combat system, I have to battle each enemy a whole lot to make sure I caught all the various attacks and situations that can occur.
  • Again relating to combat, I am happy to have just finished handling the victory messages and the level up text. Which means that now you can see that in Jungle Wars, you actually do not kill enemies, but make them surrender and apologize for their bad behavior :D You can see a couple screenshots below.


And lastly, a quick question for those of you with more experience : do you just backup various emulator save files to help debug games like this? As I know I will have to go back to several spots to polish UI/double-check stuff, do you keep a lot of files around? Or do people usually have another solution for this? (If that helps, I use BGB as my main emulator.) Thanks in advance for any insight anyone might have!

See you soon with more progress!


Wow!  Looks awesome.

I'm looking into starting GB Hacking myself.  Do you have any recommendations on where to start?  What tools you used?


And lastly, a quick question for those of you with more experience : do you just backup various emulator save files to help debug games like this? As I know I will have to go back to several spots to polish UI/double-check stuff, do you keep a lot of files around? Or do people usually have another solution for this? (If that helps, I use BGB as my main emulator.) Thanks in advance for any insight anyone might have!

I have lots of save states and organize them into folders. Like chapter 1,2.. Special npc events that take too much time to get to. Although sometimes loadstates can use stale, rusty data that'll blow your work. So I timestamp the folders with version also.

And try to make cheat codes. Free roam. 1-hits. Fast move. Super stats, items. Anything to replay or retest easier.

You're doing a great job so far! As you progress more, you'll likely go back and redo stuff because learning from others' memories and experiences gets you fresh ideas.

Like the "Digimon: Tag Tamers translation", I'm kinda jealous I didn't think of that status screen remap - I think it's gorgeous. But chefs "borrow" from each other all the time anyway without often mentioning. :lol:

BGB is your preferred debugger. Although what was that ... VBA-Tracer? I like the tracelogs it puts out.



Thanks a lot! As stratoform said, BGB is awesome as it lets you see memory as well as code!
For me, I use a combination an Hex Editor for initial research (I use WH32EX, as it supports "tables" which associate hexadecimal values to characters). I also used mgbdis to disassemble the ROM and check the code out, slowly creating labels and such when I start understanding parts of the ROM. I also read a bunch of documents from this site, and from there it was a lot of poking around the ROM!


Thanks a whole bunch for the pointers. I would have definitely missed the timestamping using version numbers! Lately I also have been thinking about splitting my huge YAML file that holds the whole script + battle text + other stuff into smaller ones by chapters to make it easier to handle (altough then I have to think about handling duplicates).

And I checked out that Digimon translation. It makes me much more confident in wanting to change some of the layouts of screens to make them work better! Thanks for the encouragements in any case, really appreciated!


Looking good. If you run into space issues in shops etc, one thing you can do is store the item price on the bottom line. Like this:

You could probably do the same thing with the enemy names as well.


@Pennywise : This looks super good! What game is that? (It is the same one you posted a screen of earlier too, right?)
I know they have a way to access the "middle lines" because of how the original game handles diacritic marks, so I am sure it is doable, but I will need to understand the text code better! Thanks for the inspiration anyway!

In other news, I have a new version of the patch to show :)
This ones covers more actual gameplay, up to where you get your first extra party member. This means you can start actually seeing how the game plays.

As before, get the 0.2.0 patch on GitHub!

Feel free to open an issue on GitHub or post in this thread if you spot errors or find that something could be improved!

There are a bunch of known issues, like names of monsters not translated, or some attacks not showing up correctly, so there might be a 0.2.1 to fix those. I do think the best approach would be to better study the combat system code to make intelligent choices on handling a bunch of stuff, hence why I did not get too caught up in having every permutation working, since this takes a lot of time to test when relying on RNG.

Anyway, enjoy :)


Yes, it's from my Glory of Heracles translation.

You'll probably have to modify the code to shift the items/prices up/down, but it should be a simple hack.


 ::)thnks a lot for your work ......
thare are news ??