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resident evil pc rebirth upscaled backrounds

Started by truemaster, April 26, 2020, 05:15:54 AM

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hello and im sorry if i post this on wrong section. before 1 month a guy named toro0 make upscaled backrounds of the game, he asks for proper renaming so they can be used. i take this task and complete it. only some left in the underground area (they were dumped bad by the start) hail to gemini for make the magic dll and we can enjoy this game. heres the link for the textures


Nice! I just tested it and there's definitely an improvement.There's a lot less Jpeg artefacts.

I think it could be even further improved with ai upscaling to diminish those stong pixellation in the pictures.

You are right in saying that Gemini should be praise.

Thank you for what you've done and for sharing it!


yes gemini deverves a credit. i have a win98 pc on p3 800 and the game is still unplayable behaving exacly as if its running on i7, looks like a vanila game is only p1 era, anything newer than p1 is no go. well glad you like it, and yes if the backround textures can be even better i would like to see it. also gemini is working on a mode that is my personal favourite the advance mode found only in psx re directors cut version. but for now i try to have the dual shock version with uncut videos and non dual shock music. i can recreate the iso with the desired parts but i need to hack the pointers in the SLUS_007.47 ive been one of the members behind the dreamcast code veronica x translation, but i still cant undreastand the pointer system on re dc psx game.