Plans to make a Ms. Pac-Man Xtreme (+ other possible projects)

Started by Babs, April 24, 2020, 04:02:13 PM

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Just so y'all know, I am a massive fan of KaBoom! Games's Pac-Man Xtreme, and I want to make a counterpart called Ms. Pac-Man Xtreme.

If anybody wants to help me out, they are welcome to do it. It'll be a hack of the Pac-Man NES game, like Pac-Man Xtreme was a hack of Ms. Pac-Man.

(the only issue is, I don't seem to know how to hack, so I could use a bit of help. This is the ROM hack I'm talking about, by the way.)

The same ghost characters from Pac-Man Xtreme will be returning, only Wayward George will be known as Wayward Paulina (because Clyde's known as Sue in the original Ms. Pac-Man).

And because Pac-Xavier's the name of the main character in Pac-Man Xtreme, I'm gonna name the main Ms. Pac-Man character Pac-Xanthia. But you're entitled to your opinion. I'll rename the character if you don't like the current name ;)

In accordance with this board's rules, I'll update this post whenever I need to add a project.