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Author Topic: [Technical] [GBC] Fix text routines, Star Ocean Blue Sphere.  (Read 2858 times)


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[Technical] [GBC] Fix text routines, Star Ocean Blue Sphere.
« on: April 23, 2020, 06:39:32 pm »
After working for two years in this game, I have been translate, insert the text and also redraw some game images.
Now I'm looking for help to remove some bugs from a final spanish version.

This game initially has 3 text tables.
Hiragana and

To switch between tables, a byte is used that acts as a momentary switch.
5E for table two and 5F for table 3.

at not being able to program a vwf, romhacker opted to expand tables and use a squishy text engine.
that means that every pair of letters that make up the text of the entire game has been drawn on each tile.

Now the game use 5 tables and 2 more switches


What is really needed is to modify the routine that
Take switches 5E, 5F, and expand them to 18 and 19.
not only in the maps (BECAUSE IS DONE) but also in the profiles, in the main menu and also in the video scenes.

because the current text routines explit the bytes 18XX as to different bytes showing two tiles, instead of a single one.

any help about this is appreciate.