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Author Topic: resident evil directors cut hack  (Read 402 times)


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resident evil directors cut hack
« on: April 23, 2020, 04:45:00 pm »
hello im trying to make a custom version of resident evil directors cut. to be more specific i need the dual shock version to have the uncut videos, the music of original directors cut but keep the advance mode as is. there is a version that covers the 2 requirements  is the advance directors cut. but the 3rd is replaced with the dearange mode which is something i dont like at all. i have in my possesion an unmoded dual shock and the advance directors cut. i need to make a new bin with all the nessesary files. but i reach a dead end. i used a program caled makepsoneiso or something like that to create a new bin but didnt work. i use a program that replace files in the bin is called psx tool i think, but the videos that i try at first are without music and cut quick looks like the replacement need to match the target in size. so i left with one choice to find a program that can create a working bin any ideas?