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Wario land 4 level creator project

Started by shinespeciall, May 09, 2018, 01:12:25 PM

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I have spent a lot of time in WL4(Wario land 4) Hacking and Level Editng and I love this game. I started from some hacking records by HelloTibi in and finally made something called (beta) WL4 multi-Editor, I have publish the project in github
As you can see in the file, according to what I have found in the ROM file, I was able to editting a lot of things in the game file and the demo software even can patch all the changes into the Source ROM file.

I made this demo WL4 Editor without the command of OOP, my VB6 program become a mess in the code and it's hard to add new functions into it, so it was abanished.

This time, after I have learn C in college course (also studied C++ by myself), It's time to set up my new Wario Land 4 Editor.
the new project is being made with Qt and I do hope I can make a better editor.

it will take a lot of time to do all the things including programming and ROM hacking by myself and i'm not very good at C++ programming, so I eagerly want some people who interested in this project join me to spare some works if you have ability in ROM hacking or C++ Qt programming. I set up my discord server to support the project, but my invite link still have some problem (it will automatically kick out member without a role not online, you cantry this and I cannot promise you that things won't happen although I have correct the setting, if you cannot get in, go to site and find their discord server's invite link, perhaps the administrator in that server will give you some help. I'm not in American so I cannot give everyone who get into my server a role in time)

Of course, anyone who only interested in level making are also welcomed here, you can follow the newest message from my brand-new project. and at first I won't make the new software to be an editor to directly edit the ROM file, but it will have the function of making a level (and patching the change into the ROM). If the source level data is a requirement, I will make another mini software to reach the demand.

TODO: There still something need to be find out from the room and I need some help if some fans of WL4 have the ability. they are "the render position of Sprites" and "the background music playing method".


As someone who runs Wario Forums and whose been promoting this project for a while, I'd just like to say that we desperately need some more help with this tool, and would be extremely grateful for anyone willing to help out with the things shinespeciall mentions in the first post.
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A new invite link to the server: , there previous one still will cause the problem that automatically kick out members without a role when he/she goes offline.


I'm not one of the developer of this editor : I'm bumping it so people know of the fresh stuff that has been made by them these past few years.

Since then, a tileset editor has been made and some other interesting things added. It's definitely possible to create complete levels with the editor, but we're not many using it ... If you already have some experience with puzzle hacks or levels with intricate branching paths for various super mario games and like Wario land 4, you can't miss this opportunity to be one of the first people to create a nice level for WL4 !  8)

Check the discord link and its topics to get the new beta updates and some help/info if needed :

Also experienced romhackers are still welcome !  :)