All of my NES sprites / sprite sheets (The Crow, Deadpool, Hellraiser, etc.)

Started by sil3nt_j, April 10, 2020, 12:49:01 PM

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I'm out. Thanks for the views and to the people who enjoyed the sprites and hacks.


The Elvira sprites along with the Joker and Harley Quinn are my favorite sprites, a Monster Party and Monsters in My Pocket hacks would really be cool to see. *crosses fingers*  8)   


Well thanks Googie.



 Hi Sil3nt_J.

I saw your art for an Elvira version of Monster Party.

I thought I'd try to implement it.

  Hope you enjoy.

There's some frames missing from your sprite sheet which I had to guess at, and I decided to use a little more red here and there. (Note the matching Monster Party and Elvira sprite sheets I'm using.)

It is playable right now as a RomHack and to a lesser extent as a Mesen HDPack but needs more work. I'm pretty new to this. Haven't implemented the title screen and cutscenes.

The last image is basically how it looks as an HDPack, and how it would look as a CHR set in the ROM.


Cool man, just got your private message. Any chance you could upload a video?


Here's a test video. The Planet of the Apes boss has glitched legs at the end, I must have overwritten sprites I shouldn't have. No intro; don't know how to do the text yet.

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   Update: Fixed the Planet of the Apes boss glitch. Tried to alter the intro/outro text, with a new script.

   I made a lookup table for the intro and outro text, and looked in the hex. It looks like hex FE is used as a line break, and FF as a scene break.

   I changed the cutscene text, but the scene breaks aren't right. The game will still jump back and forth in the text script, apparently honoring the original length of each scene. It must be seeking a point in the ROM.

   I'm new to this, so I must be missing pointer hacking, and I need to learn about that now.

  The boss text also seems to be handled in a different way/ I would need to create a new LUT for the boss text, probably based on what FCEUX is outputting.

   There is a level and screen editor for Monster Party but it doesn't really work on this prototype restoration, or my hack. I wonder if it could be reoriented to work?

  I plan to replace the graphics in the intro/outro/title, and will experiment further with that, though it will probably require knowledge I lack.


Would that replace the sprite of her flat on her back? Because I prefer the lying-down sprite.


I've created a sprite sheet for the intro and outro. We could replace these as well.

The color palettes always use black and pink, and then either red, white or purple depending.

After much research, I was unable to learn how to read (or accurately find) the pointer table. At the moment I have instead reworked my script to use the existing ROMHack's scene change points. The result is awkward, but will do for now.

I was hoping for this, for the title screen, but this is impossible without rearranging the tiles (and palettes!) somewhat. That's possible using the Monster Party editor, but that doesn't work with the Restored Prototype ROM, only with the US release. I wonder if I could work with the US release and then copy/paste the code, without breaking it?

These sections of the title screen are editable in this ROM. Some of them repeat.

The palettes also aren't right so the test is a bit of a disaster ...

The other obvious stopgap option is being a lot less ambitious, and just changing the text to "Elvira's Monster Party."

Here's a four color version of the original.

Here's how that would look as a CHR. There's too many unique tiles for a 256-tile CHR, but some could be removed and reworked.

Elvira herself is basically symmetrical, but I don't think that background tiles can be flipped.

After a frankly absurd amount of work tweaking the graphic, it now has enough repeated tiles to fit in a CHR bank.

The somewhat jumbled CHR version.

And here we are! This took hours of work, but it's working in the ROM!
I had to disable the palettes because they're set to alter specific rows of the screen, so it's only a four-color image. I also couldn't edit the last row, so I had to raise her chest and fingers one row. The blood and fingers now look out of place.

Without blood and fingers:

New Elvira sprites for cutscenes:


Cool, looking forward to seeing it. Do they have the Japanese enemies or US ones?


  Japanese; it's from the very complex prototype restoration posted here as a translation.

  Been repeatedly beating the game to make sure the ending actually works correctly.


I was playing the hack for a little bit, and this bug froze the hack, check out the pic.

If you need the save state, I uploaded it here. The link only lasts 30 days. The save state is from ver. 2.2.3 of FCEUX.   


To tyger:

Any chance you could make a youtube video? Also, I saw that you said that the boss dialogue hadn't changed. I was watching a video on the translations and came up with some ideas. Here's the video:

A few ideas for dialogue:

Boss 1: Hello Baby!
Boss 2: You look like 8 hands full.
Boss 3: Are those real?
Boss 4: (Leave as is)
Boss 5: I'd love to be a shrimp in your casserole!
Boss 6: Can you dish it out?
Boss 7: Time for desert!
Boss 8: I'm awake now... all of me!
Boss 9: You look.... Very Heavy.... Up there...
Boss 10: (Leave as is)
Boss 11: Hello cutie. Let me sing you a love song!
Boss 12: Can we watch you dance?
Boss 13: Blow my horn!
Boss 14: (Leave as is)
Boss 15: I must be dreaming!
Boss 16: Time to be my prey!
Boss 17: Let me crawl inside you!
Boss 18: Can I use my hand?
Boss 19: I've waited thousands of years for you!
Boss 20: So you're Elvira, Mistress
of the Dark.. But you will never get past me! I'm going to
enjoy eating every inch of you!

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Hopefully the bugs can be worked out. It would be cool to see when it's finished.


  The IPS is live.

   I'm sorry to hear there was a glitch in it. We'll try to fix this in an update.

   I have not yet tackled the boss text, which requires different lookup tables than the rest of the game.

sil3nt_j, perhaps you could organize your sprite redraws to match the CHR banks of the actual games, so they can be inserted.

For example, Karate Kid is laid out like this. I end up just pasting in my own edits block by block.


Lol I don't know how any of that shit works man.

Maybe if you could tell me how big you need me to resize them or rip whatever it is you're talking about, I can try that though.


Well, if anyone wants to implement these graphics:

the graphics (CHR) bank in an NES game is a 128x128 image that looks like this:

Every square there is a new 8x8 sprite.

Here's one of the sprite sheets from Karate Kid, followed by a background graphics sheet at bottom, which includes the title screen and the cheering crowd.

I pulled this using the Mesen emulator to look at the CHR banks in the PPU Viewer, modifying palettes to make it more visible.

So, to make your Cobra Kai graphics work in the actual game, you'd need to go through these 8x8 pixel tiles in Photoshop (maybe using the checkerboard image I posted as an overlay at low opacity), and compare them to a sprite sheet of the characters, and your modified version of that same artwork.

So for Elvira's Monster Party, I put together matching sprite sheets from the normal game and from your redesign. I then went through block by block, looked for each sprite block, found it, and pasted the modified sprite over it as a replacement layer.

This replaced art can then run in Mesen as an HDpack and can be pasted into the actual ROM using Tile Layer Pro or a similar program. (To do this I carefully change the color palette for the entire image to black, red, cyan, and white, invert it and save as 4-color BMP.)

To alter text in a game, I use the FCEUX emulator and open up the hex editor. I probably need to create a lookup table, or LUT. For Monster Party I used Oriton Table Creator. I looked at where the text font is stored in the CHR graphics, and noted the number of each sprite (using the PPU/CHR viewer in Mesen or FCEUX). So I create a lookup table which translates each letter in the font to the location of that letter in the graphics.

The number of tiles you use for your title screen should match those used for the original, since it will have to fit in the same space in the CHR bank. You may also have to duplicate the layout of the original, as its blank tiles may have to stay blank. Shiru's Screen Tool may come in handy, as may I-CHR.

Finally got the Monster Party title screen looking the way I wanted it to.

Boy, was THAT a lot of work.

NES Screen Tool was used.

Elvira's hair was blue in the design, but it's not possible to block that out within 16x16 NES restrictions.

I've released the Elvira hack and continued to tweak it.

(I have not updated the cutscene pointers, but did make some changes to boss text.)

I've updated this hack to version 11. Due to crashes in the cave in Round 3, and in the boss rooms of Round 7, Mark and Birgon have been reinstated in these sections rather than Elvira. If I can figure out the exact sprite that's causing trouble I can reinstate Elvira. Cycling water palette lacks a dark color in Round 5.