[Technical] [GCN] Replacing Resident Evil FMVs

Started by REDeli, April 09, 2020, 09:06:24 PM

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Hi, new to this forum. I've been wanting to enhance the quality of the Resident Evil classic games FMVs for a while. I haven't had any luck with the RE1 DC (tried to replace the censored movies), so I decided to move on to 2 and 3, specifically the GameCube versions.
I want to replace the awfully compressed FMVs from 2 and 3 with the Sourcenext movies. I will probably replace the audio from the RE2 Sourcenext movies with the PS1 files, but that's for later, I first want to know if this is even possible.
I'd like to know if anyone here can guide me on how to encode sfd and/or str movies for the GameCube. So far I've tried merging an mpeg1 video file and an sfa audio file (created with the Dreamcast Movie Creator) using SFDMUX, but when I replaced the file, the game just skipped it.
Any help would be welcome, thanks in advance.