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Author Topic: [Playtesting] Mega Man E - V0.01 (Alpha version) (NES)  (Read 932 times)

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[Playtesting] Mega Man E - V0.01 (Alpha version) (NES)
« on: April 09, 2020, 08:34:09 am »

Hello  :)
My second hack i made. It was a part of a local arts and video game exhibit.
I am looking for about 5 people for a alpha test off my rom hack: Mega Man E (Mega man 3 - NES)  :-\

One person that have played Mega man not more than once.
One person who have beeten the game 1 or more times.
One person who have played Mega man plenty of times before.
One person that can test it on original NTSC-U hardware. (It is based on a PAL rom. So it might not work)
One person / speedrunner that can look for bugs / exploits.

(If it is possible. Not required.) ::)

That will help me greatly to see how hard the game is for non experienced players and pro's. My english is not the best but i will try my best to guide and help. This is my second rom hack :-[ Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you  :)

Current version is  V0.01 (Alpha) :) Compared to previuse rom hacks you will recive a alpha rom (not final release rom). To help development before release. Please don't share alpha versions of the game.
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