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Author Topic: Journey to Silius Forever hack needs help - in progress for like 7+ years  (Read 3542 times)


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Hello, and sorry for posting this but this game means a lot to me and maybe it is finally time to share it with the world.

I created Journey to Silius Plus hack in 2011. I am total noob in rom hacking but I love the game since I am a child. It took me around 8 months to complete - told you - I am noob. There was a good friend of mine back in the days, Dizzy9 aka. D9 and maybe other nicknames. He helped me a lot by adding text to title screen of Journey to Silius Plus as I was unable to do it and one other small thing.

As we had good relations with D9 back in the days he asked me "Would you like to create something bigger?". I did but I did not want to use him to do all the hacking as I was unable to anything more I already did with the Plus version. After like a few months I reminded him about his question saying that if he is still willing to do it I am in. I made only a few hud graphics, and edited title screen in MS Paint that he inserted within the game. The name of the hack is Journey to Silius Forever and as I said - it is in progress for over 7 years now.

We agreeded that Dizzy9 will hack, I make changelog, a few graphics and will do testing providing him all the information he needed to repair problems. It was going smooth for some time, and changelog was pretty smooth but rather big one. In time, D9 started working on another hacks, and homebrews as he is very talented and is working with many serious players on the hacking scene. He started to put less and less effort into JTSF hack and well... it changed very much between us. I did not want to push him, but I wanted him to carry on as I was hyped as hell. In time, changelog got reduced by like 65%, and I asked him to do smaller and smaller changes. Still, I felt bad asking him to work on it, we were making like 3/4 month breaks with this hack but everytime he told me that he will have like 2 weeks for JTSF to finish it something else popped up.

I understand him, and I understand me. Currently the hack is more than playable, there is title screen menu, reworked player control a big, faster elevators, saves - somehow implemented is also counting time for speed runs, secret cheat menu and much more. We planned to make 2 difficulty levels not very different but still.

And it is dead for like a few years now. I know D9 disassembled the game and worked rather on disassembled code. That's all I can tell you.

Most important, it is very important hack for me and I am writing it for someone and myself to have even more fun with that great game so I would like to talk to people if there will be any with big experience in hacking so we can carry on. Hope some hacking gurus will be interested.

Currently the goal is to finish what has been started to make hack stable and playable - adding anything new is not an option as this baby it practically dead by now. I need someone to ressurect it. Please help.

I probably lost latest version somewhere but can search for it so someone more experienced than me can finish it.


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I probably lost latest version somewhere but can search for it so someone more experienced than me can finish it.
Crazy idea here, but why don't you find it first, and then ask for help finishing it?

The more specific you can be about what you want to do, the more likely someone will be able to actually help you.
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This is a case where you will want to have the previous work on hand so prospective hackers can see clearly what they would be taking on.
I wish you luck in finding the help you need.
And I hope to be able to try out this hack when it is completed.


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Given how popular the Mega Man franchise is, I'm surprised Journey to Silius has not been more extensively hacked. It is basically Mega Man with a more serious tone.

I know spiin's CadEditor utility is compatible with the maps, so it is at least greatly simplified to make new levels.

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Given how popular the Mega Man franchise is, I'm surprised Journey to Silius has not been more extensively hacked.
If someone could hack a stage select feature like Mega Man does, I'm sure people would play it a little more. :laugh:


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That would be sick and make a nice base for a proper Megaman style hack.


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Ok, back again. Sorry for late reply guys. I must say I am really happy some people want to help with it.

I talked with D9 about that, got all the files from him. He said that a lot of work was put into this hack but there is also a lot of work to put in it so it can be finished.

I will try to play the latest version he sent me, try to write down what was finished and what needs to get finished to release this hack so everyone can play it.

Will be back with you in a few days, thank you all once again.


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Ok, found some time to dig up all the files I got from D9, unfortunately I did not find current changelog or what has been completed in most recent version. So I gathered information from all the files I had and wrote something like that, hope it is pretty much up to date. Also added a some brief information what needs to be done, fixed.

There you go guys:

Code: [Select]
JTSF Changelog:

What has been done so far:

// Keys:

- Change the function of START and SELECT buttons in the game
    - SELECT changes weapons during game
    - SELECT + UP - enters weapon menu
    - SELECT (inside the weapon menu) - back to the game
    - in extra weapons menu you can select weapons with arrows, and when you edges warps you from top to bottom etc.

// Gameplay overall:

- All elevators are faster
- Palette gets slightly darker when the game is paused
- In Level 4 basic walking robots walk faster
- Stage 1 big boss deploys only one robot instead of 3 but he has triple amount of health
- Big Boss in Level 2 appears closer to player

// Title screen, menu and options:

- New title screen picture
- Added START and OPTIONS options to title screen
- Possibility to turn music off in the menu
- Possibility to select between NORMAL and HARD difficulty in menu
- Possibility to change in-game rests to 1, 3 or 5 only
- RECORDS menu
- Secret cheat menu (should unlock after beating the game on NORMAL of HARD difficulty)

    / Records menu:

    3 best times for game overal, and all stages on their own for both normal and har difficulties

Cheats in CHEATS menu:

- alzen need to beat the game and list them here, lazy :)



- All enemies should have HP from the base game, and not JTS Plus by alzen
- Extra weapons ammo refills after beating big bosses

// HARD:

- All enemies should have HP amount from JTS Plus by alzen (alzen has rom adresses for each enemy health if needed)
- Extra weapon ammo does not refill after beating big bosses



- Big boss on LEVEL 2 should not appear closer to the player but in original distance as the time to start the fight is too short
- First "nuclear capsule bomb from the background" in Level 1 keeps on giving ammo capsules - should be fixed so these bombs do not give you and capsules at all
- Every new level player should start with pistol equipped instead of last used weapon
- Fix letters in round capsules we get from mini bosses to represent the weapons we actually get on each level
- After beating the game screen with overall game time and number of rests player started the game with should appear. Also game will show "CHEATS USED!" text when cheats were used, possibly detect Game Geine cheats as well
- Add two health capsules inside the game that will appear only on HARD difficulty, that does not disappear in time
- Level 4 mini-boss should not be so stupid to go outside the level
- Spiders in LVL3 should detect walls so they do not walk in the air
- Sometimes elevators stop but screen keeps on moving up so you cannot see player anymore(needs a bit more testing if not has been fixed already)
- Fix enemies health points on NORMAL and HARD difficulty levels, and ammo refilling only on HARD difficulty

So, who would like to help? We also need to get in contact so we can share files. Please volunteer who would like to help with the hack. Guess creating a group on either whatsup, discord or anywhere else will be the best solution.

Thank you all for kindness and support so far and sorry for having so little time to reply in this topic.