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Author Topic: metal max Modification of equipment system framework(nes)  (Read 265 times)


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metal max Modification of equipment system framework(nes)
« on: March 29, 2020, 02:01:40 am »
Due to the chaos of the previous design code, subsequent maintenance was a mess. So rewrite the framework optimization and fix many previous errors. .

Code framework design and development:

1. Multi-equipment frame design is completed.

2. The dual-engine design is completed (the dual-engine load overlap is added).

3. The design of the double c device is completed.

4.c device continuous shooting design. (Combined combat attributes are achieved after the tank is equipped)

5.Engine gear design. (The select key switches the gear when the map, the high speed gear increases the moving speed, and the low speed gear normal speed.)

6. Shortcut key design: When the detector is in the backpack of the mechanic, press the select + B key to use the detector.

select switch speed

B-button one-click dialogue survey (unfinished)

7. Free combat button

8.Fanmo app memory editor porting

9. The use of repair tools is restricted to the number 2.

10. Multi-weapon volley system (due to the fc animation method, the effect is not the same as the combo, so temporarily abandon this design. Leave a preview version you like to try it out)

In terms of bug fixes:

Fixed dual engine loading errors

Equipment framework integration logic error correction.

c Device continuous shooting logic error correction.

One-click detector bug fix.

Various crash bug fixes.

 Game Quick Operation Instructions

In the state of the tank, the select key switches between high and low gears.

Amy above c device 2 combo attributes

Detector select + B Quickly use detector in mechanic backpack

When the engine breaks down, the tank moves slowly.

Car No. 3 supports multiple secondary guns (the secondary gun salvo has not yet been completed)

Car 78 supports multiple auxiliary gun equipment

Car 78 supports twin engines

Car No. 8 supports dual c devices

Video presentation
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