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Quote from: Cloudiar on May 11, 2020, 09:00:02 AM
Seriously, in the end more people buy the original to be able to play my remake, I don't think it's a tragedy.

If the game has a lot of support they will see money, then it is different.

If I say that he deserves support, it is for a very obvious reason, without detracting from the original game, but he surpasses it in most things, also being faithful to his style.

The point is you are using the word "support". If SE gets one whif that you are taking monetary donations for the production of this, then that's the big ol' axe to the head for it. I'm just giving you fair warning.


Hmm... this looks interesting, but yea I have to agree that you shouldn't be asking for donations, especially if you're including other people's mods as apart of it.


I think you are wrong, the donations are for the time I invest in the game, not for the graphics of the game.

I'm not selling the game, the video is just a demonstration, which isn't the most interesting thing.  With your logic, the people who make graphics and accept donations have to give that money to Square Enix, or they should have to give them the content they made. How many people have done that?  I have a friend who does 3D backgrounds based on the original, he should retire too?

My game is not about the graphics, is about the content, the game is going to have the same gameplay hours with or without the graphics. I don't care about the graphics.

No one can sue me for that, not Square Enix, not no one, if you wanna go for me then you should go for everyone else. Everyone who accepts donations is being paid for that work, but if you wanna keep going go ahead.


Cloudiar: You are requesting payment for working on an IP you do not own. And it's not even clear what you are trying to do with it.

Furthermore, you seem to be thinking that Square Enix might officially sanction or publish your hack. Do you understand how ludicrous and unlikely that is?

To top it off you don't seem to be able to take constructive criticism without blowing everyone off.

As a sidenote, why the name OVA? What does it mean or signify?


You can say it, but I could be asking for donations everywhere since 2012 and I didn't, there are also people who accept donations for musical remasters that are also copyrighted, I've even met people who directly sell graphics for the game for money, And the latter if you want to profit.

If I wanted to enrich myself as I told you I would upload many videos from 8 years ago showing what I do and then "yes" they would pay me for my time, but I did not plan to do it, if I accept donations now it is because they have told me many times to do it, it is It is normal for people to want me to invest more time to finish that.

What you have told me does not sound good, even more so when you probably do not know that the material of my demo was stolen and published by someone on my behalf, and more things have been stolen from me, but now according to you it seems that I am the one who stole.

Accept or not donations, if Square Enix wants to sue me, he will still offer them the project, I understand that you want to help me, but you also understand that it has bothered me, I am not a thief, and as I said to accept donations or it will not be the same result.

I like how OVA sounds, also it makes reference (although not literal) to what happens when a manga becomes anime, or when the anime has a film.

It's my remake, so it has my own point of view.

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Quote from: acediez on May 11, 2020, 11:26:54 AM
The battle models textured with the official art is a great idea. Are you able to add some animation to these textures? They would look a lot more natural if you could have them blink every so often. You could also consider toning down Tifa and Yuffie's smiles a bit, and give them a more serious/neutral expression in battle, like their original battle models. The permanent smile (and no blinking) make her unintentionally vicious (think the Villager in Smash Bros).

Your battle models and custom events are very unique. However, general script rewrites and graphic improvements would be competing against already popular mods included in Reunion, and Remako. You should probably consider having your models and other custom content available through existing community efforts like Reunion or 7th Heaven, so they can reach more people.

The battle graphics are from ninostyle and are for demonstration, I don't know if that can change


QuoteNo one can sue me for that, not Square Enix, not no one, if you wanna go for me then you should go for everyone else.
Of course they can. What make you think they can't ?!

QuoteI have a friend who does 3D backgrounds based on the original, he should retire too?
About 10-years ago the fan 3D remake of Chrono Trigger was taken down by Square-Enix, and they weren't even accepting donations.

Oh it was actually 16 years ago and there's even a WP article. Basically it was taken down because of the DS re-release was coming I guess, and it would have been ridiculous if the fan game was better than the official remake...


Quote from: Cloudiar on May 12, 2020, 03:45:20 PM
The battle graphics are from ninostyle and are for demonstration

Well, that's very hard to tell by the way you're presenting your project. I realize now there's a list of names at the bottom of your video description, but your videos showcases graphic enhancements as a feature of your own project. You should at least give an explicit mention of each specific project in the video itself, and proper links to each mod's own project threads next to each name in the description.

Be more specific about what's new, made by you. Otherwise, it looks like you're taking credit (and donations) for what first and foremost is a bundle of mods by other people, even if that's not your intention. Your own work gets lost in the muddled message.

My suggestion would be to offer your new content standalone and let people mix and match it with what's available in to their liking, and leave pretensions like "I offer my work to Square Enix" and "support it to make it a reality" aside. That never sits well.

Heaven Piercing Man

If I were you, I'd advertise it as just an upcoming mod pack like New Threat or something like that, draws less "compromising" attention.


Quote from: Cloudiar on May 12, 2020, 11:16:32 AM
I think you are wrong, the donations are for the time I invest in the game, not for the graphics of the game.

Learn the hard way, then. Don't say you weren't warned.

You're going to be contacted by SE's lawyers, whereupon they will most certainly issue you what is known as a "Cease and Desist" order. They won't sue you unless you willfully defy it.

Trying to make any kind of money off of toying with someone else's Intellectual Property is a clear violation of Copyright Law. The only thing that protects a romhacker is a strict not-for-profit policy. And I mean strict.

But something tells me you aren't going to listen and you simply think "it won't happen to me." Good luck, then. I'm sad to see all your hard work go to waste, but once again...

... Don't say you weren't warned.


Also the OVA Remake Soundtrack seems to be a collection of various remixes stolen from here and there, some containing errors directly from the XG MIDIs that were just played back without being even corrected, some others being just techno remixes who sounds nothing like the originals.


1.Donations were eliminated long ago, and I have not received anything for this, but I insist ... it would have been legal.

2.Bregalad you are simply envious, all the alternative sound of FF7 has music from others (where were you at that time, cowboy?), Also they do not credit correctly, I gave access to all those responsible.

Closed topic, you only look at what interests you, but in the end 99.9% of the time in the project is mine, and you only know how to complain, I hope that if I finish it you will be logical and do not play it.


If someone wants to play, now is possible, on the first page you have the link to the project website, and please report in discord if you see errors!

Thanks in advance  ;)