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Ice Climber MCB...

Started by Googie, March 21, 2020, 06:13:17 PM

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I was surfing Zophar's and I bumped into this, only to find out that when I patch it, the graphics aren't changed. Would anyone happen to hack this hack on 'em? If not it's okay, thanks fellas.  :cookie:

I used an American ROM to patch this hack.


It is that this hack is made based on a 41kb rom, on the other hand it must be played with an external palette, since when hit the player resets the colors by code.

Anyway I took the liberty of creating a recreation of the hack by changing the values so that this does not happen, it would be a good opportunity to improve the game palette.

ICEMCB(IPS).7z | Ice Climber (J) [!].nes ROM CRC32: 0B58880C

I leave a list of pointers in case anyone wants to keep playing with this hack :thumbsup:
6A7 - 35E3 - 52F8  | Other pallets
2ad0 | Palette assigned to each object
2d7a | Palette assigned to the hud
3604 | Popo Palette (respawn)
3607 | Nana Palette (respawn)
361C | Background color (respawn)
Linktree  | Better a small finished project than a thousand giant ideas stuck in your system.


Thanks for the hookup, sics.

I really appreciate that you took the time to bring this hack back from the dead. :D

I'm gonna check this baby out right now. :)