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Author Topic: Universal PVR ExtractorPatcher v1.3 by SWAT assistance needed.  (Read 362 times)


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I'm certain I am being really stupid or missing the obvious with this.
But everything apart from Konwersja_To_PVR doesn't seem to work or do anything.
pvrext loads but when I press any key, it closes! DOSPVR, Patch_DAT and Wypakuj_Extract_PVR.

Really would like to know what I'm doing wrong, what I should be doing or is their some deity I need to make a sacrifice to!

Any help would be appreciated as all I want to do is change some images in a few games and thought this would be the easier option.

Or if there is another tool I coule be looking to use instead.

Edit: Actual worked it out and found a far easier alternative to Konwersja_To_PVR.

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