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Author Topic: Hello! A few quick questions after reading the newcomer guides.  (Read 732 times)


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Are there any good sources for Saturn Modification? Also what would be the best debugging emulator for said platform? The game that I want to hack is Tactics Ogre:Let Us Cling.
Parsing through the CD I am finding some uncompressed sound-files(Music),some of what I assume are vocal audio files that are compressed (Can't get em' to run but they always reports mono data even though they come out garbled,and are in folders related to chapter.) In other folders called BGM0x (1-4 respective to chapter) seem to actually hold all the text, art and a bit of the music that isn't streaming redbook audio per chapter. Anywho any suggestions are appreciated, I am very new to this, read through some documents and I do want to learn. Thank you so much and have a great day/night!  :)


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Re: Hello! A few quick questions after reading the newcomer guides.
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2020, 11:31:41 am »
The Saturn being a bit of a failure, a nightmare to emulate (by virtue of its rather odd and oddball architecture), sporting nice large isos (today it is not so bad on modern connections and storage but back when it was hardly a give it a spin type system) and expensive/rare after the fact means not so many people delve into it. Indeed I have played around a bit with such things but it was mostly as an intellectual exercise to see about moving to a new system, and as the architecture had me curious, so I am not half as versed as I am in some of the other things I have done/am generally seen to play with.

Debuggers for things that are not the PC, and then the sorts of consoles you see a lot around here (so mostly popular Nintendo offerings) tend to be on the weaker side once you get past cheats. You do have a few options, and in some ways it might even be better than the far more popular megadrive/genesis which surprises me somewhat.
Yabause and its forks (UoYabause and Kronos) are probably where I would look, though has a few things as well (never put it through its paces though).
Things will be pretty basic, especially if you are coming from a PC or the likes of the NES and GBA/DS, but should have the essentials covered as far as memory bothering, graphics and register viewers, debugger with at least some of the main breakpoint types and the like.

Hardware documentation is always useful, even more so with architecture as bizarre as the Saturn, and the Saturn does reasonably well here. MAME has some stuff is more for development but some of the tools there will also be of some interest to ROM hackers.

Afraid I lack a good graphics viewer/tile editor suggestion, even more so if the textures are going to be fun. If the usual suspects (tiled2002, tile molester, crystaltile2 and whatever else the kids are using now) don't do it you might have to go with something like tileggd (more of a viewer than an emulator but ever so configurable.

Beyond that a table is a table, data generally gets represented however the devs decided was a good plan that afternoon (though maybe with a nod to things now being 32 bit and there being some memory to play with) and there will be any number of things to make you say what were they thinking? I don't know how prevalent compression is (for early CDs it tended to be more of a method to get around slow reads than gain extra storage if it was used) as a general concept but it is fast enough to handle more than the basics seen on older systems.