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Zero/Ao no Kiseki

Started by zeteginara, March 10, 2020, 06:53:22 PM

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I'm a bit confused on the translation status of both of these gems.

So, there's an imminent release of translation Zero no Kiseki from Geofront.

There's a current translation of its sequel, Ao no Kiseki, on romhacking right now:

And I've heard tell of a 'leaked' Zero no Kiseki translation from 2018ish.

Is the translation of Azure any good?  Is the leaked translation of Zero really terrible or something?  Why did Azure get a fan translation before Zero?


QuoteIs the leaked translation of Zero really terrible or something?
It's not terrible, it's just in an obviously unfinished state and was never meant to go public. There are tons of bugs, typos, line wrapping issues, and wonky wording that reads poorly in English. Here's an example.

The leaked translation is based on a WIP translation from a team that worked on Zero no Kiseki before Geofront was a thing. Geofront would take over their work after the lead of the original project went AWOL and couldn't be contacted.

QuoteIs the translation of Azure any good?
It's a lot better than the leaked Zero translation. Not perfect, but good enough for the average person to play the game in English (which they should cause it's great).

QuoteWhy did Azure get a fan translation before Zero?
Long story short is that they were separate projects by separate teams and the scope of work put into Ao was less than Geofront's work on Zero. That's not to say that Ao's team didn't do a good job - they just stuck with the original PSP version of Ao no Kiseki and didn't go above and beyond with all the programming enhancements that Geofront added to the PC version of Zero no Kiseki.


Gotcha.  So the point is, both Zero and Azure are now 100% playable in english, with decent translations.

Cool.  :)