FFV Advance Character Stat Mod Location (2564(U)/NA version)

Started by Edea, March 02, 2020, 04:29:40 AM

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Would anyone happen to know the ROM addresses where the inherent, character-specific stat mods are located (the ones that produce the slight variances in Job stats between characters)? 

Just searching for the values directly (i.e. Bartz's mods should be 04 01 03 01) didn't turn anything up, and a relative search only turned up the 'initial stats' data (which promptly gets overwritten the moment you have any of the characters change Jobs; you can tell that's what's there because Krile doesn't have any data here).

I was mostly wanting to up Bartz's Speed mod.  Any help's greatly appreciated.


Don't most hackers operate on the European version? That said even there I have not seen so much looking at stats as much as music, text and maybe some graphics.

Still if you have the initial stuff then it should be an easy enough trace ( https://www.romhacking.net/documents/361/ , though no$gba debug is free these days so probably go that instead) if you set a break on write and follow that on back to where it came from?


...I found it, and then discovering that, for some reason, Bartz's Strength modifier had been changed from 04 to 05 (I'd been trying to find it with Bartz's original stat mods; I tried Krile's instead and located it immediately).  I don't remember ever going in there and altering that, but regardless the location's at offset $155F98 (if anyone else finds that useful).