Help playing Sakura Wars english patched Saturn on real hardware

Started by cireza, February 29, 2020, 07:25:56 AM

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I have been trying to have the Sakura Wars English patch work on my real Saturn and it won't work.

I am used to the process of patching games and playing them on Saturn. I play on real hardware (a Saturn PAL Model 1 + Action Replay) and do a "gentle" swap, when the disc stops spinning after a few minutes, I replace the disc with the patched one and do a soft reset. Works with 100% of my patched games... except Sakura Wars.

The game boots, I get the title screen, the intro video, and then a picture of a sheet of paper is displayed. At this moment, the game is supposed to display text in the text box at the bottom, but the game hangs instead.

Checksum of my patched ISO Track 01.iso :

Any help would be appreciated.


are you seeing that result on an emulator too? like bizhawk or something? im using a JP saturn + psuedo and I see no such thing.


Just tried it, I loaded my burnt disc in SSF and it worked.


Does the unpatched game (i.e. the Japanese original) work with the swap trick?


The only thing that comes to mind is you're playing the game at 50hz, which Sega and/or the translators may not have tested.


Unpatched game works on my console. I also have a frequency switch so I set it to 60hz.