Is it ok if I build off someone else’s patch?

Started by 404kain, February 23, 2020, 06:49:39 PM

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Ok so this might be a really stupid question because I'm a total noob. If I'm making a rom hack, and I want to add something that someone else already made a patch for, can I just include it in my hack? In this case I'm making a hack of Fire Emblem 6. I want to add the Assassin class among many other things. There is already a patch for the game that adds them. Can I use this already existing patch in my hack?


you would need (ideally) to contact the author for permission


You'll have to follow Addendum policy for site inclusion. If your hack fits the new identity exception, you can create a patch normally. If not, your patch will need to only contain your changes, and be applied on top of the existing hack.

An exact answer would depend on the details of the hacks in question. If yours falls into the complete category and the existing patch falls in the improvement category, you'll probably be able to submit it without making an Addendum patch.
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