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Author Topic: Phantasy Star 2 hack - Which one to play?  (Read 1607 times)

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Phantasy Star 2 hack - Which one to play?
« on: February 22, 2020, 04:18:14 pm »
Hi Everyone! :)

I've always wanted to give Phantasy Star 2 a complete play through. However, the few times that I've tried that with vanilla I felt the game is WAY too grindy and very frustrating at times to be enjoyable. I love the game's aesthetics, music, and the intriguing plot, and would like to really give it a run.

I understand there are a couple of 'make it up to date' hacks on this site, but I'm not sure which one to go with. Do any of you have any recommendation?

Which one of these should I play?

Phantasy Star II Modernization by Fauntleroy


Phantasy Star II Improvement by vivify93

...also, I've played the game enough to really like Nei, and I've researched enough to know what happens in the plot later in the game. If I were to
somehow get her back into the party, would that be a problem with either of those hacks? Also, does anyone know how I would go about 'resurrecting' her?

Thanks so much in advance and any suggestions would be much welcomed and appreciated!! :)

Cheers!! :beer: :thumbsup:

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