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Author Topic: Mega Man Anniversary Collection, MM9, and MM10 modding  (Read 4056 times)


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Mega Man Anniversary Collection, MM9, and MM10 modding
« on: February 08, 2020, 11:38:16 am »
I haven't seen anybody dig into these three games at all, so I figured I'd do it myself. Here's a few modding guides that I made.

Here's a link to the classic Mega Man science discord for discussion on the modding capabilities of these three games. -
Overall, MMAC is extremely simple to mod, MM9 and 10 could use some help sorting through the files.

MMAC Modding guide

MMAC Important Files:
opening.bnr - the banner file for the gamecube game, all games have one.
   [folder: &&systemdata]
GENERAL - just misc gamecube files that gc games use like start.dol and others
   [folder: FMVS]
GENERAL - the three files included in this folder are video files in the .bik format. They are named according to their contents (ape.bik is the ape cutscene at the start for example). They can be modded using RAD Video Tools and viewed with a BIK player (see below).
   [folder: FrontEnd]
GENERAL - This folder contains mostly the contents of the main menu stage area, including the music and graphics). Should be very easy to mod.
The 3 background folders include while the music folder includes the special unlockable tracks.
   [folder: MegaGames]
Common folder includes the sound effects from the MMAC menu (where you can go back to main menu or view the navi mode hints and stuff)
GENERAL - Usually within each game's specific folder a SFX and STR folder is included. SFX is for sound effects and STR is used for songs usually. All very simple to edit from my experience, just gotta know which sound works with what.
Each game's data.pac likely includes the entirety of the game inside it. Unsure how to edit as of now. The fighting games have a few different files but generally the same idea.
   [folder: System]
GENERAL - This is the big folder where you'll have a lot of creative freedom to edit stuff (mostly since the devs left actual dev notes within the text files). Loadings is for loading screens, SysFonts is for fonts (in the .fnt format), Slides is for credits, Misc includes a few image files usually logos, and then there's the Text folder. Holy moly is there a lot in Text. Each game has a text file (yes, a raw unencrypted text file containing all of the text in the first 6 games). There is little to touch on here since it is mostly explained in the text files themselves on how to edit them. Make sure to read the MM1 text file first since it gives a few paragraphs on the syntax and text lengths. And from the testing that I did, these text files are directly used which means you can change any of the text from the first 6 games. Maybe later someone can sort out the syntax of the text files to have a larger power over this game's workings. Also, from what I can assume, these text strings can be activated or activate different flags, which is insane for modding purposes.

Important Tools:
RAD Video Tools/Smacker by RAD Game Tools:
BIK Player:
Gamecube Rebuilder:
GIMP or another photo editor (GIMP preferred since it can edit the .tga files used everywhere)
DSPADPCM (Audacity with dsp compatability):

MM9 and MM10

   {{BASE GAME MM9}}
The root of this wad includes 11 .app files (00-0a), along with the cert, tik, tmd, and trailer files. The app files are what are important here. After extracting the contents of these .app files to a folder, you can look into their contents.

[APP 00]
meta folder which includes banner, icon, and sound, all are .bin files. Probably the wii menu stuff.
[APP 02]
Biggest app file, which means there's a lot in here. There are 8 tpl files, which gives you a bit of graphics to edit. There's 7 mbin files which can be edited with a text editor (use notepad since notepad++ might be confusing with all the NUL values). Most of the bin files in this folder you can guess on what they are, but idk how to read their contents as of now.
App 03 has strapimage files (idk what these are). 04 has some legal info files if I had to guess Apps 05-08 include only home button data. In 09 there's two .brfna files, and that's it.
   {{DLC MM9}}
In app 02 and app 03 you can find the files for hard (Hero) and expert (superhero) mode respectively. Some more object files too.

   {{BASE GAME MM10}}
Same file structure as MM9 which means that you got everything pretty much the same deal in terms of modding.

[APP 00]
Same as MM9
[APP 02]
Yeah pretty much same, except you got more features now. Like MM9, you should be able to figure out which file does what based on its name.

Stage IDs: In MM9 and MM10 the stages are named as stXX.bin, which are in APP 02 of the base game. The DLC stages are included in a few different folders.
Here's what I can gather so far.

st01-st08 = Robot master stages, unknown which is which so far
st09-st0c = Wily stages, probably all in order
st0d (DLC) = Endless stage. Its file size of 154 KB gives this away.
st0e (DLC) = Fake Man stage. It's the only other stage in the DLC files.
st01-st08 = Robot master stages, unknown which is which so far
st09-st0d = Wily stages, probably??
st0e-st10 (DLC) = DLC stages. Assuming they're in order Enker would be 0e, Punk would be 0f, and Ballade would be 10.
st11 = Endless stage. It's 163 KB so yeah, pretty obvious here.
st12-st13 = I have no idea which ones these are, they're so out of place in this file system. Definitely mess around with these.

That's a twist. Having a higher hex value in the non-DLC means that the DLC was developed in tandem with the base game. It was apparently just MM10 that did this though.

Currently unknown as of now:
-A lot. Sound files need to be located, stage files need to be labeled and have their file structure analyzed. Image files need to be tested for if they work ingame when modded. Like I said, I don't have a lot of experience modding wads, so if there's someone else who is better in that category, feel free to take a look.
-the following app files cannot be unpacked: 01 and 0a (Base MM9 & MM10), 00 (DLC MM9 & MM10). Thankfully no stage files are known to be in there, so at least there's that.

Important tools:
ShowMiiWads to extract wad, unpack U8 archives, and convert tpl files to common image formats. Basically your swiss army knife for modding these games:
HxD (hex editor) cause we need some people to look into the file structure of some of these files to make sense of how they work:
MM9/MM10 graphic viewer. I don't remember where I got this from but Barubary must have had knowledge on how to extract the .bin files (obj_dat.bin specifically). I reuploaded the zip onto, but sufficed to say I don't remember where the original upload location is. Barubary is the creator:


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Re: Mega Man Anniversary Collection, MM9, and MM10 modding
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2020, 11:38:02 am »
Small necro posting, hadn't noticed this thread before.

Very interesting! Do you know if it's possible to fix the music volume being too low in MM9? Or the sounds that get cancelled by others when they shouldn't?


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Re: Mega Man Anniversary Collection, MM9, and MM10 modding
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2020, 04:41:17 pm »
Would it be possible to use this info to port MegaMan 9 and 10 to other consoles? If so, how?
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Re: Mega Man Anniversary Collection, MM9, and MM10 modding
« Reply #3 on: May 10, 2020, 04:39:37 pm »
I'm unfortunately as skilled as I would like when it comes to the Wii games. If we could get more people looking into the file system, then we could be able to find out more things about the games. At the moment though, your guess is as good as mine.