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Project: Super Space Kart
« on: September 10, 2021, 08:53:34 pm »
Name: Super Space Kart
Original Game: Super Mario Kart
Platform: SNES
Genre: Race
Author: Luke Novaes
Release: 2021
Type: Complete

This hack has been in my mind since I finished the first version of SLK, my first hack and since then I've been thinking about the cast, the story, how the tracks and the Hearts would be, as well as the Graphics, items, music and other things.

Ideas came up and I was adding...

To start from the beginning I thought of a rather sinister story in which Mário would be the villain and would involve revenge, death, other worlds and even a purgatory (Inferno).


A Blue Koopa Troopa lived happily with his siblings and friends in the Mushroom Kingdom until someone passed by and brought destruction to his entire race. His name was Mario!

As angry as he felt Koopa Troopa emerged from the depths promising revenge against the Italian Mustache.

And so he began to plan his vendetta.

For this he made contact with Kamek to bring his friends back to life, but Kamek's magic was not enough to bring his brothers back to life, he needed help.

Going to the far reaches of Nowhere Kamek met Scorpion who said he could get them all out of Nowhere as long as he went along, and that was how Scorpion would help Kamek bring them back to life.

So with Scorpion's help, Kamek brings the Red Koopa Troopa as Undead Koopa and Blue Koopa as Dry Bones back to life.

As I begin the process of bringing the Turtles back, there is a loud rumbling from the depths of Nowhere. The bang gets stronger and stronger, getting closer and soon you see a big silhouette. When they realize what it's about, they see Bowser as they've never seen him...

And so Dry Bones, Kamek, Undead Koopa, Scorpion and Dry Bowser join the Koopa Troopa and Para Koopa (only survivors) and prepare to go after Mario to challenge him in the greatest Kart clash of all time!

When he comes face to face with all of them, Mario sees regret for everything he has done and decides to accept the challenge, even going alone against everything and everyone.

When entering the Portal he didn't know, but he was going to O Espaço run on the most incredible tracks that have ever been seen...


When I made SLK I didn't know much about editing only the basics and that's how I did it. However in this hack that changed and you will notice many changes.

I'm working on this project through Epic Edit, YY-CHR and Tile Molester programs, where I managed to make several changes that will be explained below:

Opening: For starters, we can talk about the opening that was completely recreated with a very special shade of Purple without any childish details before used in the main game.

In addition to the Hack Name appearing on the sign, unlike many hacks that do not put this information and continues with the name "SUPER MARIO KART".

Characters: the pilots here are the protagonists, as they make the game's story. We have the following:

- Mario: who here became the villain against several of his enemies defeated in other games.

- Kamek: He joined his brothers in Vendetta against Mario.

- Koopa Troopa: one of the only survivors who managed to get out of the rut between Mario and Bowser unscathed.

- To Koopa: another survivor.

-Dry Bones: protagonist of the hack, got tired of everything and went after his executioner with everything and everyone he could muster.

- Undead Koopa: Another who was turned into NowHere and brought to life as the Undead.

-Dry Bowser: after his death he found souls with the same grudge against Mario and joined them.

- Scorpion: after getting his revenge on Sub-Zero, he wandered around in Nowhere until he received an interesting proposal.


- Lakitu: also suffered with Mario and came back to help during the races.

Backgrounds: the BG were/will be all redone according to the climate of each World.

The First that deals with Space shows the stars of space, the sun and the planets that will be playable in the next worlds. There we can see three worlds beyond the battlefield.

Name of Cups and Tracks
This part I had in mind for a while, the names of the tracks were like this:

Space (Mushroom Cup)
Ice World (Flower Cup)
Fire World (Star Cup)
NowHere (Special Cup)

Space: These are totally dark tracks in the dark of outer space.

Ice World: Totally frozen world.

Fire World: Totally hot world, full of lava and fire.

NowHere: Nowhere where souls are imprisoned awaiting final judgment (Purgatory)

Track (In Working):
- Space (Rainbow Road)

Below are the drawings of the tracks in the order they are in the game:


The Gran Prix mode will follow as if it were in Rock'n Roll Racing instead of Cups let's have Worlds.
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Re: Project: Super Space Kart
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2021, 06:43:43 am »
None of the images are showing up. This is because you uploaded them to the Scratchpad. You're supposed to upload them to an image hosting site instead.
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Re: Project: Super Space Kart
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2021, 05:11:50 pm »
Here, use this site to put your images. I'm curious to see what this hack looks like.  :crazy: