Translations: Cooly Skunk, discovered in December, now in English

Started by RHDNBot, February 01, 2020, 11:22:13 AM

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Update By: Psyklax

Cooly Skunk was a SNES platformer which started life with Bullet Proof Software in 1993, before being passed to Visit in 1996, who released it as a demo on the BS-X Satellaview, exclusively in Japan. Although it was reworked into Punky Skunk on the PlayStation, the SNES original was thought to be lost ever since then, until a memory cartridge was found in a second-hand shop containing the downloaded game, in December 2019. It was bought and dumped, and now Psyklax has translated it into English!

With a nice title screen courtesy of 4lorn, Psyklax has translated almost all the text in the game, aside from the status bar. The game differs from the PlayStation version in several ways, but the core gameplay remains. Join Cooly, Kelly and Nash as they try to stop Badler, while searching his island for the mysterious legendary board! Snowboard? Surfboard? Ironing board? Who knows - Cooly doesn't! Have fun!

RHDN Project Page

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Thank you! I'll be trying this one. The villain's(?) sprite from the screenshots reminds me of one of the bosses from Ardy Lightfoot.

EDIT: BTW, would be awesome if someone would make some small hacks to restore Ardy Lightfoot english version to its original/uncensored state.


Congrats once again, Psyklax!  Another great game awaiting to be played :thumbsup:



Did this come by way of ol' KiddoCabbusses?  Haven't heard from him in a while.

I've been meaning to take a look at more old Satellaview games now that RetroArch has that auto-translate thing.
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