ROM Hacks: Two New Blaster Master (Hacks)

Started by RHDNBot, January 28, 2020, 08:52:30 PM

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Update By: SkyLizardGirl

Two completely different Rom hacks of the game Blaster Master have recently been made.
Another hack is currently being working on for the third Installment called (Quadrant)  
   The first game actually taking One-Week and the Second game taking One and a-half weeks to fully complete, re-changing every single level completely re-done.
Some completely new levels have been implemented from scratch, time was dedicated updating many new things. The first two Hacks are completely finished and awaiting play-through approval.  
Game Links:
Blaster Master (Wastelands) & Blaster Master (Savanna)  
Are two completely New level hacks changing up many things along with difficulty, giving the player a completely new experience with each coming version.    
- Originally it was planned for the graphics and music to be completely changed and even new kinds of themes added with different color palettes for each the games themselves, with new drawn parts building up the levels layouts.
This did not happen but it is being looked into in every possible way for future game releases. The Ordinary Vanilla layouts have all been drastically updated with new obstacles.  
- Other information:  
It was considered possible to jump at the chance to using Mister Xiado's graphics in both hacks because of the Zero Blaster Master series being existent.
   He Did a very good job changing the graphics for some the Area-levels.
Both games use his graphic format patch-update both game's layouts.  
   Blaster Master Wastelands and Savanna are two completely different Versions of the same world with different flavor to adventure.  
   Good time was spent playing both hacks fully to the very end, fixing every possible error & mistake you'd come across along with level development.
Many problems are straightened out along with enemy sprites sometimes getting stuck inside the game's walls were a constant hassle at times, a-lot has been ironed out.
   These hacks will always be updated if any unusual errors appear, future versions will straighten out many more problems others may find.
- Enjoy Both adventures, with both Blaster Master (Wastelands) & (Savanna) and know that Quadrant is coming Next around the corner ..*

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