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Blaster Master (Savanna) Is Now Out*

Started by SkyLizardGirl, January 22, 2020, 05:07:55 AM

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^Download link to try the game early. 
Blaster Master (Savanna)  My second hack is now finished.  Version 1.1

This is a Sequel hack to Wastelands with many different new changes.

The Solutions are now all different and the Area Level Entries have been changed also.

This version is a bit cryptic after Area-5  I warn.

It's just finished tonight.



This is a complete Sequel hack to Wastelands.
-Any tight spaces between blocks, I recommend practicing backing the vehicle up different lengths before making a forward jump, practice and master those tight space jumps.
This hack is a bit more hardcore than the last-one, with things seeming a bit more difficult than Wastelands.
Some things even more cryptic i warn past Area 5.

- You will now pick up full complete Gun power-ups without having to suffer collecting mini gun boosters so you get the full power of the gun in the overhead areas a-lot sooner.
Some places that were shorter have been extended. The Bosses and levels have all been changed so the usual solutions to the Bosses are all different from the original game.

- The Level entries are all also different, so if you try to go to Area-5 for example its in a completely different spot in another level.
A lot of time was spent making this hack like a whole week nonstop.

It uses some of the Metafight Alpha - Mister Xiado's improvements to the title screen, Overhead and menu.
Format for building the entire new game hack in.

There was no permission by him, but loved his work with the graphics. His graphics are already patched inside the new IPS.

You will only need the (U) Usa - Blaster Master Rom in order to patch to.

Notice:  This hack is not for those who are strictly set in the Vanilla game or faint- hearted.

- Doorways may flicker because the doors are designed for the vanilla version only, but still do work for this hack.
- If you get stuck in between area's or blocks it is not impossible, there are ways to move/maneuver the vehicle car out of tight spots, For those who learn how to do it with practice.
Also the Overhead levels are pretty much the same, you can pass object blocks by moving the character into certain positions horizontally.

Also:  This hack is for more hardcore Master blaster players who are really good at the game.
Those used to the Vanilla game may not like the lay-out but it all has an order to it.

IPS Download Link Alternative:

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I am considering working on one more Blaster Master hack called
Blaster Master (Quadrant) 

I am going to take a rest from working on Savanna because it was exhausting lol.


Enjoy the two recent hacks guys.*
-Blaster Master Hacker
-Learning, hacking Mario 3 currently
-Messing with some Zelda Nes Rom stuff