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Author Topic: Is it better to finish a large hack before posting or to post it for feedback?  (Read 717 times)


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Hi. Still working on my saga frontier patch. This question may be posted in the wrong thread but I'm feeling a lack of motivation on this project and wanted to know from people who have finished hacks how to renew motivation without feedback.


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Last 5% is 95% of the work?

Anyway while I am very fond of constructive feedback then posting something for it and motivation seems like chasing internet good boy points from where I sit, and while that is not for me if you are chasing such things then you are in the wrong game (probably also hacking the wrong game).

That said if the last stretch is so much typo hunting, bug fixing, fiddling with pointers and all the cool reverse engineering, space finding and hardcore optimisation is long since done then having desire and motivation fall off a cliff is nothing new. Many like to work with newer hackers for precisely this reason -- what might be tedium for someone that knows can be just what someone needs to get some practical experience of handling everything.

Some do OK with closed betas (be it selected by one in the project or some kind of sign up), some go for open. They can help polish things up. If you expect the hack to have some kind of impact then it can risk lessening it, even more so if it is a beta more in line with the original uses of it and you expect many issues to have to smack down (if you want to be free to address said issues in a very timely manner then that can work).

Personally... there is a reason I am probably seen to mostly pull interesting/complex things apart for people and do all the fun stuff these days, but even when doing stuff the final push was something more akin to professional obligation for me -- not going to be fun but needs to be done.

In the end I will have to go with the cop-out answer of up to you.