[Translation] Tongari Boushi To Mahou No Machi 3DS

Started by agathor35, December 30, 2019, 09:08:17 PM

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Hello! I'm currently elbow deep into this games files, and translating the textures.
Having said that i ran into an issue where i cannot put the files back into the original format when using quickbms to extract the files.
the games files come in .tarc files and within these are sometimes .arc files or .bclim the only program i know that can open bclim and arcs that i know of that i have been using is Kuriimu.
If someone knows how to pack these files back into the tarc file please dont hesitate to let me know or hell if your willing to help add me on discord and talk to me there cause this is really a one person job right now.

With the textures being edited by me, all that's left is figuring out the files for the scripts and the messages.
Theres two folders within the game called "Script" & "Message" From what me and a friend figured out is that the message folder is probably what contains the text because in the files theres .rdbt files, and the Message.rdbt has many different files hiding inside of it over 3000 of what we could tell but we don't know that format nor the format that the files inside are.

If you would liek to help out with this project in any way add me on discord to message me about what you can do, im currently looking for hackers and programmers i guess?

Format extension(s): .rdbt, .rndx, .ofs

First 8 bytes of the file(s):
.rdbt - 45565343 332E3030 1C000000 DC000000 - EVSC3.00�‹
.rdbt (from messages) - 5245534F 64000000 312E3231 01000000 - RESOd1.21
.rndx - 00000000 00000000 DC000000 01000000 - ‹�
.ofs - 5245534F 29000000 312E3231 01000000 - RESO)1.21�

Sample files:

.tarc file

Script folder

Message folders
that also contain the same files with different headders

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