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Author Topic: Help with Route-16 Turbo  (Read 1002 times)


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Help with Route-16 Turbo
« on: December 29, 2019, 09:31:57 am »
Hello! My name is Mauricio, I live in Brazil. As a child I always enjoyed playing some NES games, especially the Route-16 Turbo. Recently, I went back to playing the PC via ROM, downloaded the game's ROM, and downloaded the emulator (using FCEUX). But I wanted to change the positions of the rooms. Each level has 16 different rooms with their respective numbers, this on the main screen. Inside these rooms, there are items to collect. In the fceux hex editor, I can change the positions of the items in the rooms, but I wanted to change the location of the rooms, I tried everything in the hex editor. Has as?

I do not intend to change the interior of the rooms, just position them in a new order.

Example: In the first line you have: 005, 062, 092, 030. I would like to change it to: 092, 030, 062, 005.

Another example: In the second line, there are the numbers: 002, 124, 117 and 021, I wanted to reposition 117 in the space where 005 is.

I found the numbers in the FCEUX Hex Editor in "PPU Memory" (click on the link and see some pictures of the game)