Bomberman (NES) "Remastered" (100% Finished)

Started by imkrut, May 08, 2020, 04:44:20 PM

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Quote from: imkrut on May 09, 2020, 08:23:23 PM
Depends on the game, how much new stuff I've learned and how much free time I get.

Donkey Kong Jr. took the least time probably, but that also has to do with how limited my knowledge was on what I could do (so no new animations, no backgrounds, etc).

I'm currently working on Battle City, which is a game I'm very fond of.

Most games I've tackled have very limited graphics, something that works in my favour/makes the dev. time of graphic shorter. I'd love to tackle bigger projects (hell maybe setup a vote poll as to what work on next with maybe patreons or something so popular demand gets to pick) I looked for example into Metal Storm, which is a absolutely gorgeous game animation wise, but graphically could really use a pick me up...and it needs LOTS of graphics, so that would probably take a while.
OMG this looks incredibly beautiful. I really wish this could be done as a ROM hack, the same with your Bomberman facelift, to be able to normally play it on a CRT.


Quote from: Zynk on July 24, 2020, 06:10:12 AM
FYI this is not a romhack. Also, its a misnomer to call these "patches". These are more properly called "HD packs".

Lame.  Thanks for the info.  I think a remaster like this would be great for the first Bomberman.


I wouldn't call it lame. It's actually pretty damn cool and takes quite a bit of effort and work.
The only caveat is that you have to play it on MESEN on a computer, rather than real hardware.


I dont think he meant the project itself was lame, I think he meant that the fact (or realization) that this wasnt playable on original hardware was lame.
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gostei muito desse projeto bomberman remasterizado como em que estagio está atualmente ?, eu não sei programar mas sempre fiquei imaginando isso principalmente no bomberman 2, redesenhei os esprites deixando igual aos sprites do super bomberman 4, só que eu obdeci a grantidade de núcleos nos sprites e tambem o tamanho, mas como eu não sei programar fica só na imaginação, se euguem futuramente quiser os sprites cheme no meu canal no youtube para obtelos, nome do canal pe "seu canal interativo novo" se precisar de ajuda para desenhar sprites em algum projeto remaster para nes é só me chamar, e quem quiser ver os sprites entre no meu canal, não vou deixar link porque fica chato mas é só procurar pelo nome citado acima