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Pokemon Yellow hacking question

Started by Zeikar, December 02, 2019, 11:04:27 PM

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Hello I recently came across how to edit/hack Pokemon Yellow with the asm disassembly files or whatever. My question is how can I get 4x speed with bike by pressing B? There are 2 places I can put the code to make walking and surfing 2x speed but biking is unaffected. What I did manage to do with 4x speed with bike was horribly broken and was ignoring map data and constantly biking through buildings and other solid objects. Has anyone else messed with this? I know there's a hack here called Pokemon Fast Red and I'd like to achieve this in Yellow. This is more for personal use than creating an ips or anything. Though I suppose it could be posted on this site. On a side note, and I know requests don't belong here, but I would love to see a Full Color Yellow hack as there was one made for Red.