VSTrack - real-time tracker for Vagrant Story (PSX)

Started by Rosto, December 02, 2019, 03:08:00 PM

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VSTrack (Vagrant Story Tracker) is a simple but powerful tool for Vagrant Story players, streamers, and speed-runners.

It collects a bunch of useful data from the running game, and stores it in standard .txt files. This gives you an easy access to information that is often buried behind multiple levels of UI, or not available to the player at all.

One way to use the collected data is to feed the output files into your streaming software as a text input (i.e. Text (GDI+) plugin in OBS), and use it as a part of your layout. Keep in mind, that most of the data is formatted with fixed-width fonts in mind (use proportional fonts at your own risk).

At this moment, you can track the following:

  • Weapon, Blade, and Shield stats and properties
  • Armor (all slots, plus necklace) stats and properties
  • Player stats (HP, MP, RISK, STR, INT, AGL, range, walking/running speed)
  • Player status effects
  • Player location (area name, room name)
  • In-game timer (with 1 second precision)
  • Kill List and Weapon Usage list
  • Map and Chest completion (real-time!)
VSTrack also detects when the last boss dies, and auto-magically stores the record play time in this very moment.

If you're working on your Ultimate Weapon, using Matt Hamand method, I got you covered. If the equipped weapon has a number 1-4 at the end of its name, the proper leveling stats (Class, Affinity) will be tracked automatically.

The project is still in alpha stage, so more features are comming. Also, every form of feedback is highly appreciated.

More info and the source code:

Download the latest release:

If you find this tool useful, please consider funding its further development:

Have fun!

EDIT: Update GitHub links