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Author Topic: Project: Super Luke Kart  (Read 1141 times)


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Project: Super Luke Kart
« on: May 23, 2020, 01:30:30 pm »
Project: Super Luke Kart - Come and Meet

The most awaited Super Mario Kart Hack of all time

Super Luke Kart is a Project I created in a Channel Partnership: Reviewing with Luke and The World of Hack ROM's.

The main idea is to create new tracks to have the pleasant feeling of playing the original game from new perspectives but with similar quality.

Through this Project I also want to bring the members of the Channel closer together, giving them the possibility to create their own track that will be part of Hack!

I am very excited about this project, I really hope that it will work and that there will be a lot of participation from the members who make this Channel !!!


First of all, I'm creating the tracks and testing them as I have time. My idea first was to create 3 cups with my tracks and make the Special Cup the Members' Cup. However, when spreading the idea, luckily I received more leads than I thought and ended up opening the possibility of 3 more leads for the members to do.

I'm working on this project through the programs Epic Edit and Tile Molester, where I managed to make some changes that will be explained below:

- Character exchange

I got some sprites from other hacks and asked the subscribers and members what they would like to see in the hack, via Poll, the characters were chosen:
Ken |    Pikachu  | Plankton | Bomberman
Ryu | R. Mcdonald | Donkey Kong DK1 | Sonic

NOTE: As the characters are removed from other hacks, I will probably have Two versions of the hack, SLK Version 1 (With the characters changed) and SLK Version 2 (Original characters with some changes).

- Name of Cups and Tracks
This part I already had in mind the names of the tracks were like this:

Copa Luke (Mushroom Cup)
Copa Top (Flower Cup)
Copa Membros (Star Cup)
Copa Mix Rcl (Special Cup)

- Pista do Luke (Mario Circuit)
- Ponte Que Cai (Donut Plains)
- Vale dos Boos (Ghost Valley)
- Praia Zika (Koopa Beach)
- Enchente (Chocolate Island)
- Polo Norte (Vanilla Lake)
- Detona Castle (Bowser Castle)
- Espaço (Rainbow Road)

One cool thing about the hack is that a space has been opened here for Group members who want to design a track to join Hack.
One of the cups would be for these tracks, that is, we would have 5 tracks from the members in the Members Cup plus 3 tracks in the Mix RcL Cup that will bring tracks from me and from subscribers, totaling 8 tracks from the subscribers and the rest of my authorship. In addition to 4 battle tracks I made.

It was done as follows:
Interested parties sent a Draft with the raw design of the track and it was up to me to do it in Epic Edit in the best possible way, some members have also sent the completed track of Epic itself.

In the end it won't be a professional job, but it will be fun.

Below are the drawings of the tracks in the order they are in the game:


Pista do Luke 1
Ponte Que Cai 1
Vale dos Boos 1
Praia Zika 1
Espaço 1


Enchente 1
Polo Norte 1
Pista do Luke 2
Detona Castle 1
Pista do Luke 3


Detona Castle 2
Ponte Que Cai 2
Detona Castle 3
Polo Norte 2
Detona Castle 4


Detona Castle 5
Ponte Que Cai 3
Praia Zika 2
Pista do Luke 4
Espaço 2


Happy Battle
Luke Battle
Mix Battle
Labirinth Battle


In addition to the information, several Gameplays tests were carried out that you can follow in the Group: The Word of Hack ROM's or in the PlayList below:


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Re: Project: Super Luke Kart
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2020, 09:32:32 pm »
Sounds pretty ambitious. I don't know if you meant to post the drawing photos or not, but it would be great to see them. It would also be nice to see a work in progress screenshot of a character or track in game.


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Re: Project: Super Luke Kart
« Reply #2 on: July 26, 2020, 07:58:59 pm »
Unfortunately I was unable to place the images but they can be seen here: