Does Megaman: Dr. Wily's revenge use the MBC1 chip or higher?

Started by GlitchyTSP, November 12, 2019, 11:24:49 PM

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Wanted to try using Gameboy Colorizer ( ) To add some 'spice' to it.
However to my surprise, it doesn't seem to bootup, my best guess is that it's not using the MBC1 chip so I ask anyone,
does it or does it not?

As a side question:
Is there a program that tell you what chip it uses, or a list of some kind?

Side-Side question: Is there a GB sprite editor with a Pixel offset option? Gameboy Colorizer has it which is alright, but the program doesn't have a built-in tile editor (At least not directly) So...


A minute of Googling suggests that you should be able to find this information in the cartridge header.

But by all accounts the Gameboy Colorizer is mostly useless and it's probably not worth your time trying to mess with it.  (It sounds cynical and it's certainly not true all the time – but when it comes to something like this, if it was easy to do, someone would have done it by now.)
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All Game Boy games over 32KB need a mapper.

Without checking, I can say Dr. Wily's Revenge VERY likely used MBC1.

For original Game Boy (no Color), I think actually a large portion of the library used either MBC1 or MBC2. As in, I have personally dumped a boatload of GB carts and those were the two most common mappers.
The major distinction is that MBC2 was limited to 256KB however it had 512 nibbles of SRAM built-in, so many early games with a save function used that.
(though there is a MBC1 board variation that supports SRAM, so many games that needed more than that tiny amount of SRAM would use MBC1)
There were original Game Boy games which used MBC3 but they seem to be few and later games like Wario Land II and Gen 1 Pokemon (localizations) with 1MB, and as well as those with a clock feature (the most notable MBC3 function, I think).

Most GBC games I have seen used MBC5.

The amount of licensed games that used a non-MBC mapper are very few (like I think maybe Hudson and Bandai developed a couple obscure late-era mappers, Bandai's custom mappers being particularly for the Tomagotchi games.)
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